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    mike_2007 - I think your friend's mom should take davdah's advice and check with her local authorities to see if there are outstanding warrants which is causing her license plates to be flagged at the border. Since she crosses regularly, it would make sense to try and clear the matter.

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    Probably not, since they let her go each time. It might be as simple as an unpaid parking ticket or moving violation. Have her check with the secretary of state, department of motor vehicles in the state she lives in. If nothing shows up there, have her phone the local police station to see if she has any outstanding tickets or warrants. Her plates are being flagged for some reason, chances are there is something outstanding that is showing up on the computer when they scan the plate. If the car is not registered in her name, it is showing up under the name of the person the car is registered to. It is unusual that border patrol has stopped her 30 times and let her go. She needs to find out why she is being stopped.

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    Did they catch her when she crossed with her illegal ex fiance, mike? Were they stopped? That could very well be the answer to all of these questions.

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    Maybe she needs to contact the people at immigration to see if this still stands on her record? That will be a problem for her every time she tries to visit family if it isn't cleared. In her best interst to try and resolve it, I think.

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    I don't know, mike_2007. I've learned that immigration issues are not clear or always fair. I was trying to help with a suggestion regarding the ex-fiance. I don't understand why the border officials don't explain in detail what the problems are. Sounds kind of shady to me, but nevertheless, it sounds like it's something that needs to be cleared from her record.

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    exactly ,,this is what i though exactly,,this been going for almost 6 or 7 months ,,and i was thinking about the same thing,,if it was really serious then they wont wait for 6 or 7 months ,,they would have went o her house and picked her up,,and and if it was for a traffic ticket she would have got something in mail,,no dmv records ,no court records,nothing ,,exept that night when the immigration took her finger prints and then they released her,,but iam still thinking if it was something serious they would have picked her up,,,she have very clean record ,,exept her credit card in missed up,is there anyway online to check her records with the police or courts for free?thnx guys

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    ~$60 to $90 , background check through detective agency (look in yellow pages), or FOIA request to FBI/USCIS.

    Get a life

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    exactly davdah,,thats exactly what i was thinking about,,if it was serious they would have call someone on her to pick her up,,unless if they dont have authoroty to call bco the'r immigration?thats the question if they do have the authoroty to call other agency's or the local police to pick her up or not?if not ,,then i dont know the answer,,and if they do and they didnt ,,then i dont think its serious,,bcoz she been getting stopped for almost 9 months ,,everytime she crossed,,and she go there every weekend,,so thats like more than 100 times they have stopped her,and the same thing ,,they just give her her licence back and say have a nice day,,the last time they stopped her and when he come back with her licence she asked him if he can find out for her whats going on,,he went inside and when he come back he said ,,well,,,it looks like u have a warrant?and she said what warrant?and he said i dont know ,,have u ever called on somebody else?and she said no,,and then he said ,,will,,have somebody called on u ,,and she said that she doesnt have any problims with anybody or with the law,,and then he said well,,i dont know then,,,thats what happen,,but it could be that they have her name since they kept her inside when she was with her fiance back then whn they detained him,,bcoz they took her finger prints back then,,but she was released also bcoz they told her that there is snothing againts her on her record and shes a u.s citizen ,,,but iam still woundering,,if there is something serious,,can they call on her or no while shes stopped there? or they will just wait until she get in troube some how or what?thnx alot

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    thnx alot,,,do u know where can she call or the get the numbers from?bcoz she tried the senator and her congress man and they want her to write and all that and they said it will take them 4 weeks to send it there and not for sure,,,who can she call and complain over the phone and they may be able to pull her record also and tell her what's going on,,bcoz i dont c this right to be stopped everytime for an hour and at the end they dont even tell u whats going on,,he told her that he doesn't know,,well,,if he doeasn't knomw what did he stopped her then?

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