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Thread: President John Kerry

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    What is the Sen. John Kerry's attitude towards the illegal immigration problem?

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    What is the Sen. John Kerry's attitude towards the illegal immigration problem?

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    This is an excerpt from Kerry's website:

    "John Kerry supports a proposal that will allow undocumented immigrants to legalize their status if they have been in the United States for a certain amount of time, have been working, and can pass a background check. This makes sense for the economy, provides fairness to people in our communities who have worked hard and paid taxes, and will also allow us to strengthen our homeland security by bringing undocumented workers out of the shadows and into the light of greater accountability."

    PS - WARNING: The above wording might drastically change after the elections are over, so don't invest much in these words!

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    # 1. The most important is that DV Lottery
    should be stoped.
    # 2. All pending cases from 1996 to 2002 must be cleared in order, they are recived and all
    alloted numbers for the immigration classification should be used in United States to clear this mess and back loge created by the Government, with short of untrained staff.
    I can not understand we have many experts on this board and some of them have worked at our Embassy and Consulates in the Visa, Immigration, passports and Citizenship, they can not get a job because they are Green Card Holders. I know these former employees are more expirenced then the officers as well.
    Before election Bush also said that he will also do to clear this mess. How far he has worked.

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    If the economy keep recovering as they're right now. I doubt Kerry will stand a chance. The republican strategist is salivating in waiting their chances for negative campaign against Kerry.

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    If the "recovery" keeps going as it has been, with no or very few jobs created, then Bush's chances are in doubt. He's already BEHIND Kerry by several percentage points in some polls. The guy without a job and no immediate prospect or in fear of losing the job he has is even more motivated to vote his pocketbook than those who are benefiting from the "recovery".

  7. #7
    On the same token, what economic plan do you think Kerry has? He's been harping against outsourcing a lot, and how he'll combat it with penalties and fine, but his history with special interest group run long and deep.
    Bush is behind Kerry in many polls since the Democrats has been plastering the news with their election every week. Once its clear its Kerry vs Bush, and the campaigning (both positive and negative) began, it'll be very ugly for Kerry. He can't win if he can't get some of the southern states that Gore lost.
    The ban against gay marriage will also boost Bush's popularity in this sharply divided country. As well as the guest worker will draw some Hispanic votes. I wonder by having the governator, if Bush can swing some of the voters in Calif to carry him there.

  8. #8
    sab34, does Kerry say #1 & #2, or is it your personal opinion?

    All presidential candidates state that ALL problems will be taken care of one way or the other. I don't think there is a single issue that the candidates omit before elections, but I think only a few are really solved later, during their administration. Unfortunately, they have the most pathetic short-term memory a human being can have..

    AliBa & marmaduk, are you guys talking about the same polls that saw Dean as our future president before the Iowa caucuses? I don't trust polls much, I go for reality checks.

  9. #9
    Americans tend to believe that in a bad situation, any change is an improvement. While Kerry may be nonspecific on what he'd do (and I don't believe for a minute that there's much he really could get through Congress protecting jobs), people hope he can do better than Bush's proven "best". Any change in a desperate situation is an improvement...

    The polls I've seen were after the caucuses, and show Bush about a dozen points behind Kerry.
    The polls will fluctuate from now until the elections, but it is quite a change in Bush's position, and has him starting his serious campaigning early. His advisors, from what I've read, also are surprised that there isn't as much dissension among Democrats as expected, meaning that they'll be spending fewer resources fighting each other, and more against Bush.

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    Did I miss something? When did Kerry get elected President?

    I will shoot myself if I have to look at his ugly mug for four years.

    Vote Nader or Sharpton.

    Nader is running to get Bush out of Office. I don't know what Sharpton's agenda is, but he is really cute!
    Sweet Madame Belu

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