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Thread: I-751 NOA in TSC

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    We have filed I-751 in TSC 3 weeks ago. Does anyone know how long it will take to get NOA from TSC?

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    We have filed I-751 in TSC 3 weeks ago. Does anyone know how long it will take to get NOA from TSC?

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    AshadW ...

    Was up? Well I m gonna file in couple of days .... I m dealing with TSC too .... U haven't gotten any NOA after 3 weeks ???? so I should expect the same ..... good luck buddy.... We will be in the same boat just after couple of days....

  4. #4
    I emailed my package on January 17th, 2003 registered, return receipt requested. Money order was cashed Jan 28th. I got the receipt back date stamped Jan 21st. Feb 1st I got my NOA extending my current card 1 yr, stating if I do not hear from them within 6 months to contact them.
    As of today March 9, 2004 I am still awaiting the decision.

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    Hi ircroxy ,

    That sounds better .... R u dealing with TSC ? so in 15 days u got ur NOA, right ? Good luck...

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    Hi ircroxy ,

    That sounds better .... R u dealing with TSC ? so in 15 days u got ur NOA, right ? Good luck...

  7. #7
    Yes, am dealing with the TCS and yes I received the NOA in a short amount of time. That has little to do with the I-741 being processed though. My one year extension is just about up now and still no decision. NOA in a short time, but process time sure makes up for it.

  8. #8
    Thanks a lot for ur reply ... I would like to ask you one question coz I still got time to send mine .... Can u please take little time and post here all details ...what did u send in application along with ur I-751 as evidences ....thanks in advance ... Pasha

  9. #9
    I sent my package organized in a soft presentation binder. Each area was divided by numbered tabs you can buy in any office supply store. Putting it together took about a day once I had it all together. In between each tab divider I placed plastic inserts, bought at the same store. This is the order that I organzied the binder.

    Tab 1) Completed application & Money Order
    Tab 2) Misc. Identification papers ie. copy of Birth certificate - Copy of marriage certificate - copy of divorce decree (from 1st marriage) - copy of Alien Registration Card - copy of EAD - copy of State Drivers License (showing address)
    Tab 3) Copy of Mortgage Papers (showing joint ownership) Copy of past leases (shows registered residents) - pictures of home
    Tab 4) Bank statements (various dates for entire marriage time) - old cancelled checks (shows joint names and address)
    Tab 4) Vehicle and Property Insurances (shows address and both names)
    Tab 5) Letters of Employment from spouse and myself stating length of time, wage, position - copies of pay stubs
    Tab 6) Insurance/Benefits (Blue cross blue shield, Life, Vision, Dental) shows joint memberships and beneficiaries
    Tab 7) Various receipts (cable, phone, cell, furniture purchase, travel ticket stubs (some with either his or my name, some with both names)
    Tab 8) Tax statements for three years (showing joint filings
    Tab 9) Notorized letters from friends who know us and can verify bonifide marriage - Notorized letter from myself and spouse
    Tab 10) Pictures of us both at different times alone and/or with friends/family

    On the front of the presentation binder there is a plastic sleeve. I placed inside that sleeve a computer page with I-751 Removal of Condions Application - Full Name - A# in large bold type. On the inside of the binder in front of all else I placed an index page stating what could be found behind each tab.

    I hope this helps you some.

    [This message was edited by ircroxy on March 09, 2004 at 03:52 PM.]

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    ircroxy ....

    Thank you very much .... I know quite a bit about evidences and other stuff related with I-751 ...but I posted before how to prepare application and never got any reply or experience ....but u shared with me exact info what I wanted ... thanks million times ... I really appreciate this... yeah its very helpful to know how others did .... Once again thanks a lot....wish u all the best with ur I-751

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