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Thread: Processing times

  1. #1
    Anyone know how accurate the processing times are? Has anyone gotten replies within the specified time frame reported?

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    Anyone know how accurate the processing times are? Has anyone gotten replies within the specified time frame reported?

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    I dont know everybody's case. But here is my case:

    ** I-485 & I-130 submitted in October 2002 in Detroit.

    ** Took fingerprint in December 2003. No further response since then from Local district.

    ** Now Detroit is processing September 2003.

    Conclusion: the processing time either does not indicate what it says or is not reliable. You just have to wait.


  4. #4

    You should call the 1-800 number and put an inquiry in your case, if you have done this already and not gotten a response, then contact the congressperson in your area!

  5. #5

    The processing times seem to be accurate however, I have seen both, people that still waiting despite the fact that USCIS is working in cases much ahead, and lately I have seen people that have gotten approved even 3 months ahead of the latest date reported.

    In any event, I think it helps to have a list of the processing dates reports because if your case is due, you could call the 1-800 and put an inquiry in your case.

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    I am waiting to reach the 2 anniversary of my marriage before requesting the congressman' help. I am within 1 and half months of that date. Just pray with me that they dont schedule an interview before that. I am counting the days one by one. By the way, since I have not done the medical yet, do you think they could schedule an interview by Aug 15, 20004?



  7. #7

    If they schedule you before the second wedding aniversary just reschedule! I'll have you in my prayers!

  8. #8
    Yes - you will certainly be in a very good position if you can just make it past that 2nd anniversary date before your first interview!


  9. #9
    I'm curious...why is it better that you pass your second wedding anniversary before being scheduled for your interview?

  10. #10
    Because when you go for interview you will get 10 year green card straight away.

    If you go for interview before 2 year anniversary you will get a 2 year green card (called conditional permanent residency) then after 1 year and 9 months of the date on that 2 year green card you have to apply to get the 10 year green card.This is called removal of conditions,and thats what everyone here talks about the I751 because its the form used to remove those conditions.

    If someone had told me before I went for first interview, I would have kept delaying interview until marriage was over 2 years old.

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