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Thread: buying health insurance

  1. #1
    It appears that many insurance companies that offer short-term health insurance policies also have residency requirements (usually 1 year in the U.S.). Does anyone know of a company without this requirement?

  2. #2
    I had the same problem trying to get health insurance for my wife. I tried the usual suspects, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, etc. and they all wanted a copy of her green card which she does not have yet. Luckily we live in a university town where a lot of people, including foreign students, have temporary insurance needs so I was able to hook up with a broker who sold those kinds of policies. Call a broker and ask about IMG and other companies. I don't have the address or phone number of the company with me, but I can post it in a day or two.

  3. #3
    Thanks Parker. I'll do some searching. I just got an e-mail from an insurance company saying that my spouse would have to wait 2 years until coverage could start! How can a visa recipient not become a "public charge" if they can't buy health insurance? We'll have to pray for good health and no accidents for a few months until my insurance kicks in again.

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    u can get insurance ,try p.s.i insurance .that is for international students.

  5. #5
    I have some more info on IMG. You can email them at: and you can find providers at
    Their address is: 407 Fulton St., Indianapolis, IN 46202, phone number (800) 628-4664. I don't know anything about their claims record or reputation, but I had to get something and it was the only thing I could find. Once my wife gets her green card I hope she will be eligible for BC or something. Hope this helps.

  6. #6
    You can visit

    They have many different products from different companies.

    You can get instant quotes, compare them side by side and make an instant purchase online.

  7. #7
    More than three years separating the answer from when the question was originally thrown? I could swear before my grandmother's tomb that a hell lot of things have already taken place between these two events!

  8. #8
    Rough Neighbor

    This is one of those shameless hockers of website to sell insurance. and or gets paid by people just clicking onto the link. I suspect the latter as that is the new trend these days.

    Unfortunately , they cannot be blocked. all we can do is chose to recognize them when they pull up related threads like this. it would be one thing if they really cared, but this is obviously for personal gain. Ah... the american way

  9. #9
    I know, it should be removed.

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