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Thread: It's Over for Obama-Other Guy

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">THE McCAIN-PALIN SURGE !!! </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    A question for you SOM. Do you really like McCain? I did not ask if you like him better than Obama. Do you really think he is truly a great man that will go down in history with the likes of Lincoln, Roosevelt, etc?

    From my point of view, at this time of great need we don't have a truly great candidate. I don't like either one of them.
    Michael: Father of the Idiots

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    No actually I do not care for McCain or Obama. McCain is too liberal. Obama is much worse and I believe him to be the anti-Christ. I support McCain only because his excellent choice of the lovely and delicious conservative Sarah Palin. I believe her conservative beliefs will save America. If not for Sarah, I would have voted Libertarian. I believe Sarah Palin will be remembered as the Margaret Thatcher - the Iron Lady - of America.

    When you say great man "Roosevelt", I am sure you mean Teddy and not his mass murderering second cousin?

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    Number of Republicans Grows in August, Democrats Still Have Advantage

    Tuesday, September 02, 2008 Email to a FriendAdvertisementDuring August, the number of Americans who consider themselves to be Republicans increased two percentage points to 33.2% while the number of Democrats was little changed at 38.9%.

    That gives the Democrats a net advantage of 5.7 percentage points, down two points from a month ago and down significantly from the double digit advantage they enjoyed in April and May.

    However, the Democrats still enjoy a much bigger advantage today than they did when votes were cast in Election 2004 and an advantage almost identical to their edge in January. In fact, other than the past six months, the current 5.7 percentage point advantage is one of the biggest on record (see history from January 2004 to present).

    These new results have very little to do with recent news events such as the Democratic National Convention or selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be John McCain's running mate. Interviews are conducted throughout the month and the vast majority were completed before these events dominated the news cycle.

    Rasmussen Reports tracks this information based upon telephone interviews with approximately 15,000 adults per month and has been doing so since November 2002.

    Among men, 35% are Republicans while 34% are Democrats. Among women, 44% are Democrats, and just 32% claim the GOP as their party. For both men and women, the number of Republicans is up two points while the number of Democrats remains stable.

    Forty-two percent (42%) of government employees are Democrats while 33% are Republicans. Among entrepreneurs, 37% are Republican, 34% Democrat. Those who work for someone else in the private sector lean Democratic by a 37% to 35% margin. The biggest gains for the GOP came among those who work for someone else in the private sector. Last month, just 31% of such employees were Republicans.

    Republicans have a four-percentage point advantage among Investors while Democrats enjoy an 18-point edge among non-Investors.


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