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Thread: new immigration law is goming?

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    Hey people here!

    Is there a new immigration law goming soon in october to help legalise all illegal aliens in united states?

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    Hey people here!

    Is there a new immigration law goming soon in october to help legalise all illegal aliens in united states?

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    No. And it is is very very unlikely that such law will pass in the next years.

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    Should such a bill be considered, it's likely Congress would require stricter enforcement of existing immigration laws BEFORE any amnesty or guest worker program would be implemented.

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    curious, where did you see/hear of such a thing?

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    The Washington Post. A significant portion of Congress apparently has gotten the idea that the failure to enforce the law as promised in the 1986 amnesty does not sit well with the public and wants to make proof of enforcement a pre-condition to any amnesty. Note also that one of the 'guest worker' programs under serious consideration would require workers to return to their homelands in order to apply.

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    From the LA Times:
    "House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) said he preferred to move incrementally, starting with a crackdown on illegal immigration. "People don't believe that we are serious about securing the border, nor are we serious about enforcing the law," DeLay said. "It probably makes more sense to do a border security bill and a law enforcement bill before we get into a guest worker discussion."

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