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Thread: what is goin on with immigration bill?

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    We don't see their is any Bill with some positive out come. If you see the bills presented in the Congress has the same wordings going around and around again no clear thinking nor clear wording.
    Hope the congress will come up with some good reasons to resolve the immigrtation issues which is long over due.
    Current Government is not intrested in Immigration issues or it will take the advantage at the last days in the Office, to gain the votes from the general public.

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    I feel my self really bad becose Im been here for long time and its sosad that gongress can't too anything to fix the problem.
    I hope that some day all illegal aliens in united states who are been here for long time will get theyr freedom.
    Im been here for 9years and I'm illegal alien.
    I really hope that some good news will gome soon.Just hope.

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    The Immigration Bills pending in Congress have no chance of becoming law. I can tell you that the vast majority of Americans are extremely upset at the millions of illegal aliens currently in the country. Senator McCain, one of the sponsors of an Immigration Bill, was rightly given a very difficult time at a town meeting in Arizona a few days ago.

    There is a legal way to immigrate to America. Those who sneak into the country or overstay their visa deserve no special treatment. The majority of the American people would rather that illegals were deported.

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    Heiko: Yopu ask why Congress can't do anything to fix the "problem." The only problem, as I understand it, is that you...and twelve million others...seem to believe that you don't have to adhere to America's immigration laws.


    I suggest that Congress fix the problem by deporting those who broke the law, and continue to do so.

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    I can;t go back to my country where Im from ,only reason I come here united states I din't have anormal life in my country.
    Are famyly was poor and we didnt have any chance to get job there becose my country is wery small only one million people and one more million immigrants other countries.If a small country have a to many people ,people can't find job.I was 7y old when I started to work and evers sence been working in hard places.
    I just hope that something good will gome to my life too some day.

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    SunDevilUSA: I have a question for you.
    How did you get into the USA?

    Some time back you was also beating the drum like others when you was in the line for your LPR Status.

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    I come here by turist visa ,on that time our coutry didn't give any visas or any help to get visa,I got one on that time.
    I tried to immigrate to ganada but was very expensive around $ 70000.More aesy way was to come usa.

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    Adam: You are correct to say that I was, at one time, in line to receive my LPR status. I have no problem with anyone who is in line to receive whichever immigration status that they are eligible to receive. The fact is, I immigrated to America legally.

    I live in Arizona, and this state is currently the epicenter for illegal immigration. Almost every day, I encounter illegal immigrants...and almost every day I encounter people who refuse to assimilate or learn America's language.

    Illegal immigrants almost invariably have several "identities," and fake Social Security numbers and fake driver's licenses. In Arizona, illegal immigrants drive without valid driver's licenses (to which they are not entitled) and no insurance.

    As an immigrant to America, I understand why people come to this country. I ask you: exactly what is the problem that you have with insisting that people immigrate legally? Furthermore, what exactly is the problem with insisting that immigrants, both legal and illegal, assimilate and become American(ized)?

    Quite honestly, Americans are rightly pretty upset that so many immigrants don't seem to respect their country. My own view is that if an immigrant's country of origin is apparently so special and so wonderful then maybe they should consider living there on a permanent basis.

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