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Thread: I-751 Cover letter

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    Can you please post a sample cover letter for I-751 or a weblink where I can find one?

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    Can you please post a sample cover letter for I-751 or a weblink where I can find one?
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

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    My wife is wondering what our friends will write in the letters attesting to our bonafide marriage, what should they write? What kind of paper? Formal letter, informal letter? Who do they address it to? "Dear Bureau of Homeland Security:" Where do they get it notarized if they don't know someone that can do it?
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

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    Hi Bushmaster...

    I thought you already submitted I 751... here are the examples of support letter...good luck...Pasha

    Removing Conditions: Support Letters from Friends

    Another proof that can be used is to have letters from relatives and friends that confirm that they think that your marriage is a happy one. The I-751 form stipulates that such letters should:

    * be done by a US citizen or permanent resident who has known you since the time of your wedding.
    * list the date and place of birth, and contact information of the person signing the letter.
    * the letter should have a notarized signature.
    * at least two letters should be submitted. (you can of course submit more than two)

    Here are some example letters that might be written for this purpose:

    * #1: To whom it may concern:

    My date of birth is 7/13/46 and I was born in Glasgow, KY 42141.
    Please be advised that I have known (name of US citizen) since 1992, and (name of immigrant spouse) since their marriage in June, 1998.
    I have entertained them in my home and maintain regular contact with them.
    They demjonstrate an ongoing sound, felicitous relationship and i anticipate their marriage will remain a lifetime commitment.

    * To whom it may concern:

    This is written in regards to my observation that (name of happily married couple) live happily together as husband and wife. (immigrant's) son (name of k-2 child) also lives in the home and has his own room in the downstairs living quarters.
    I have spent time in their household every two weeks or so since right after (US citizen spouse) and (immigrant spouse) were married. We have spent time together on a regular basis more or less as friends. to the best o my knowledge they seem to operate as a very happy family.
    (immigrant spouse) and (US citizen spouse) appear to be very devoted to one another and their children which is evident each time that I visit their home. Their home environment is very comfortable and relaxes with the happiness within showing outward in each member of the family.
    If you have any questions ro comments please feel free to contact me at the following information:
    (contact information included date and place of birth)
    thank you for the opportunity to share this information with you.

    * To whom it may concern:

    This letter will confirm that (name of happily married couple) have a joint account at (name of stockbroker). (US citizen spouse) has had an account with us since 1993, and upon their marriage they established ajoint account by combining assets. (immigrant spouse) and (US citizen spouse) have maintained their joint account since July of 1998.
    It is an absolute pleasure to work with (immigrant spouse) and (US citizen spouse). Each time we do our review, I find they seem to have so much in common. Together, they are very focusued on their long term goals. It makes my job so much easier.
    I have known (US citizen spouse) for over 10 years. My date of birth is ******, and I was born here in Boomfaddle, TN. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    You can get them notarized in any bank for free that your wife has account in ...good luck...Pasha

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    I thought you already submitted I 751... here are the examples of support letter...good luck...Pasha

    No man, my deadline is November 6 so I can send it in on August 6. Probably it will be sent sometime in September. Too much stuff to collect. I am still working on my naturalization.

    Since you are done with this business, keep in touch with my via email so I can ask you questions, also will give my wife's email address so you can drop her an email to let her know she can email you about questions.

    Send me your email address through immigrate2US board pm system.
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

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    Hi Bushmaster...

    U r most welcome to ask any question ... if I will be able to answer to it .... U will be fine....I dont visit frequently .... even tho that is one of the best websites I have ever encountered here...but its little slow for me and the structure I dont find the most we discussed on that web... but it is one of the great websites... its just that i m not comfortable with the schema....and afterall I dont visit ILW either that much... u can write me here good luck...Pasha

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    Bushmaster: I though You were in the US. What is this Camp Humphreys, South Korea ?

    If I am not mistaken you are an LPR trying to join the US Military.

  8. #8
    Hey Pasha...hey Bush!!! Hey all, remember me? Me2? I am also going to drop my conditional status this August!

    Pasha, is it really that the affidavits need to be notarized? Who send it for notarization, me or the person who wrote the affidavit?

    I don't know about that?


  9. #9
    That's incorrect. A notary authenticates a signature, and so the person who writes the letter would have to sign it before the notary for verification that the signature is that of the author.
    The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.

  10. #10
    If I am not mistaken you are an LPR trying to join the US Military.

    Mistaken... I am currently serving with the United States Army Aviation in Korea, I have passed that part long ago you mentioned just now.
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!

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