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Thread: H1-B transition to Green card: Possible without a lawyer?

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    I got an H1-B visa and I am interested in the Green card but cannot afford the lawyer's fees? Any help on a step-by-step approach on how to go about this?


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    I got an H1-B visa and I am interested in the Green card but cannot afford the lawyer's fees? Any help on a step-by-step approach on how to go about this?


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    If you are here on an H-1B then you are here at the mercy of your employer. It is your employer that will have to facillitate your green card. First you have to decide if you are "special" or not. By special I mean are you worthy of bypassing a labor certification or PERM. If so, congrats, if not learn how to kneel and in front of the man.

    PERM or a labor cert is a long, complicated process. I will help you through it but I have been drinking tonight and quite frankly am feeling a little orny so LEAVE ME ALONE.

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    I will apologize now for my last post as I will without a doubt regret saying it tomorrow. Tell me if you need to go through PERM and I will tell you what you and your employer need to do.

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    Ask USCIS only if you already know the answer. CSR's at USCIS are without a doubt some of the most useless, incompetent, illogical indiviudals that could ever be put into such a position.

    no pride in their work...sad.

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    Thanks Sugarpuff for your reply to my inquiry. Actually you are right that I am at the mercy of my employer. Worst still, as a an employee in the university system, it is even more difficult. I am not eligible for PERM. My idea is to go through the EB-1 or EB-2 as I understand some people have don.

    SO I will welcome any advice and what my success chances are if I can't afford a lawyer.

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    I need to know your CV qualifications to determine if you do indeed qualify for Outstanding/Professor Researcher or even extraordinary ability.

    You actually have it better than most as a university employee. See, most universities have an international center where people can process the immigration paperwork for the green card. Many of whom are as competent as an immigration attorney, of course thats not saying a whole lot.

    Dont give up on PERM just yet. Sometimes the university will tell departments that an employee does not qualify under PERM just because they don't want to have to go through the trouble of filing the paperwork.

    Has it been more than 18 months since you were hired by the university? Let me know this and a basic summary of your qualifications (i.e. editorial review committees, patents, # of journal ariticles, can you get refrence letters from internationaly recognized scholars).

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    Well Sugarpuff, we can discuss more on this but I am still new on the forum and can't send you a personal mail....not granted permission for that yet..don't know what that means. Can you give me an alternative method of contacting you?


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