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  1. #1
    On the O'Reilly Factor tonight, Bill has a special section on Mail Order Brides; lets hope he gets the story right !!!

  2. #2
    Yes, let's do that, Michael !!!

  3. #3
    I hate Bill, I prefer Keith Olbermann on MSNBC! He is more sober and funnier! Bill O'reilly is just a racist immigrant basher who was a minute man!

  4. #4
    I prefer Anderson Cooper and yes, I know about the *** rumors.

  5. #5
    I don't like Bill either.

    Have you watched Lou Dobbs? He seems to be on a mission to rid the world of illegal immigrants.

  6. #6
    Anderson cooper is g a y?

    Yes Lou Dobbs has a program tonight on how to rid the country of illegal immigration. Hes competing with Bill to see who can be a better bigot.

  7. #7
    Q: How could you get rid of illegall immigrants of the entire world?

    A: Send them all to the Moon !


    BTW, me and Michael are backdoor-lovers of Bill O'reilly.

  8. #8
    It's funny to see O'reilly and Dobbs spew all this anti-immigrant rant, but yet they both support a guest-worker program. I think it's all for ratings. I was watching the U.S.-Mexico Conference on Border Issues on C-Span and Dobbs stated that we need an "intelligent plan" where those who are working, paying taxes, and have stayed out of trouble can legalize. I've also heard O'Reilly say he favors a guest-worker program along with a fence and sending the National Guard to the border. These guys are just as bad as Congress.

  9. #9
    Did anyone see the mail order bride section? How did he come out on it?

  10. #10
    As usual he said something that has nothing to do with who he is.

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