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Thread: Is this fair to immigrants? .. Discuss this subject and be honest

  1. #1
    Let me ask you all this question:

    You guys say that the employees of USCIS are underpaid.. But I was wondering:

    Where do all the money that the millions of immigrants pay EVERY F*** day goes to?

    I mean s***, for every one immigrant for a small piece of paper (the forms we have to pay for) they dont cost no less than $100.
    What are they doing with all of that money?

    Is it fair that immigrants although are paying LOTS AND LOTS of money to the immigration system still DO NOT HAVE any voice, cannot complain at the crappy job USCIS does daily, connot complain because we do not have any choice?

    Please give your input on this.
    Is this what you call a fair system?

    Let's turn the table:
    I see LOTS of americans complain because they aren't taking care of fast at certain government offices, or aren't getting what they so CALL (TAX PAYERS STUFF) and next thing you know, they are suing the government from left to right.
    Why is that they have that advantage and other people dont?

    Do you think that if USCIS was something americans had to go through, will the prices be like the way they are, always sky high?

    They call the money the americans pay to the government tax system, the TAX PAYER MONEY, now what do they call the millions or to be exact the BILLIONS of dollards that immigrants pay every year? What is that call?

    I m asking all those questions just to satisfy my curiosity.

  2. #2
    crappy job???

    Do you have ANY IDEA the amount of paperwork the USCIS receives per year?

    Do you have ANY IDEA how many people try to cross the border every year?

    Do you ahve ANY IDEA how much illegal activity is performed at every border, seaport and airport every year?

    Do you have ANY IDEA how much legal costs are born by the agency pursuing illegals and lawbreakers and criminals?

    Do you have ANY IDEA how much it costs to TRAIN every USCIS employee to learn immigration law and apply it accordingly, so they don't have immigrants yelling at them, for doing a *crappy job*?

    Do you have ANY IDEA how many people successfully FRAUD the system and are NEVER caught? I know 10 personally at least.

    Do you have ANY IDEA how much the country can lose if it overlooks even 19 overstays and they blow up a building?

    Now add up all those costs, buildings, gas, electricity, ammunition, paperwork, computer development, consulates, mailing, uniforms, high tech security, phone calls, high turn over, court costs, lawyer costs, jail costs, deportation costs, airplane costs, dealing with foreign government costs, fraud investigation costs, etc. etc. etc.

    You seriously think those $100 fees pass for all that?

    The USCIS is a MAJOR EXPENSE to taxpayers. Trust me, it is not evne CLOSE to making a

    If we were like Israel, and just let NO ONE in -- imagine the money we'd save! Let's look at it that way.

    In MOST countries on this planet -- you have to PROVE you'd be a BENEFIT to the country, before they let you in. That's how WE should run.

    -= nav =-

  3. #3
    Billions of dollars?????
    Where on earth did you pull this number? The USCIS primary income comes from their budget, not from the measly several hundreds dollars you pay to get yourself adjusted/naturalized.

  4. #4
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Kalakuta:

    IIs it fair that immigrants although are paying LOTS AND LOTS of money to the immigration system still DO NOT HAVE any voice, cannot complain at the crappy job USCIS does daily, connot complain because we do not have any choice?

    I understand your frustration..and you're right, if they take your money for this, they should also allow you to have your rights and your 2 cents...if they did for free (and I'm not suggesting they should do it for free) then they could do it any way they want to, cause hey, it's not your's the gov's...
    however, Americans have these rights you speak of, because they are citizens of this country...and as such, you must see how they should have these rights, and usually more rights than people who are trying to become citizens, but aren't's all about waiting in line for your turn..and again, I'm not discussing the right or wrong in this, just stating how it's perceived..

  5. #5
    Americans DO go through it every day. Who do you think the sponsors of the immigrants are?? Americans fill out forms, pay fees, enlist the assistance of attorneys ( and pay them) every day in order to help a loved one, employee, etc. start on the path to becoming a US citizen. I actually agree with the majority of Moondin's points.

  6. #6
    Are USCIS employees underpaid? It depends on which employees you are talking about. An examiner at GS-12 step 10, plus a little overtime, makes a nice income. An IIO paid at GS-5 is a ****** job; one that requires more knowledge than most adjudicators and takes the most crap from the public.

    Where does the money collected as fees go? To pay the cost of providing the services. To keep criminals (Yes, illegal aliens are criminals.) and terrorist from getting benefits. To bring families together and necessary workers to US employers.

    Why are the fees high and getting higher? Because US citizens don't want to pay for aliens.

    Is it fair to aliens? No. Who makes the rules? Someone else.

    Turn the tables? I sure as soon as Americans try to emigrate in large numbers, they will see the error of their ways.

  7. #7
    who says you CAN'T complain? Complain as much as you want. It's one of the freedoms guaranteed here.

    But don't complain that they're NOT listening to you just because you DO complain!

    You have the RIGHT to complain, not the right to ensure they LISTEN to you and do what they say! Big difference.

    Personally, as an American -- screw immigration budget increases. Use that money to help inner city youths, fight crimes, and find a cure for cancer. See the tug-of-war that happens every day in Washington? Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

    -= nav =-

  8. #8
    No, it isn't fair. The majority of Americans, however, could care less. Most people worry whether something is fair or unfair only if it affects them. It's a sad fact of human nature.

  9. #9
    That is all I wanted to know ...

    Thanks folks but no need to get out of shape.
    It was a question and if you got this out of shape about it then somewhere in my questions, there was a truth about something or a hidding fact.

    Thank you all for your replies.
    Glühbirne big up.

  10. #10
    Have you seen the pay scales for Federal Employees ? It's a joke. On the other hand their retirement plan is great. Thats why I want to become a Fed employee. I think I would make a great I-751 adjudicator.

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