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Thread: Can a undocumented person fly domestically in the US?

  1. #1
    Can a person who EWI, use a non US passport to board a airplane to fly from state to state?

  2. #2
    Can a person who EWI, use a non US passport to board a airplane to fly from state to state?

  3. #3
    ...and why do we care? This EWI dirtbag needs to EWI back home (Exit Without Inspection)

  4. #4
    consular ID will do or and State ID..

    They only care about the ticket not the passenger.

  5. #5
    My understanding is that under Real ID Act the valid State issued ID or valid National Passport would be required.

  6. #6
    You need a valid US identification, which is usually a state issued ID or driver's license, or a passport would do if you have valid visas.

  7. #7
    Valid passport will be fine but if something happens on the flight they will check all passengers and will check status. So to be safe don't fly if you can travel by car or bus.

  8. #8
    Airlines only check for ID - so a driver's license works - even A Bank of America Visa with your picture on it works. They only check for "wanteds' if they are notified. This is why so many "wanteds" get away! To fly interstate is not like international. Fact is - not that many people are checked and there have been cases where a person's wallet was stolen and they could still fly home.

    You do not go through customs or immigration flying over state lines. You also do not go through customs/immigration driving over state lines. They don't even check for fruit bugs between states. International fights are different, however.

  9. #9
    Passport as a picture ID should be OK. However, It could be risky.

    Short story. My friend entered on K1. At POE, IO crossed the visa in her passport. (I guess that indicated it is no longer valid for entry.) Six moths later, during a check in for domestic flight, airline clerk questioned her why is that visa crossed (he was looking for a valid visa); did not believe explenation, called his boss, who then called immigration office at an international airport to verify the story... One never knows ...

  10. #10
    That is a very interesting story. Why would one use a passport to cross domestic lines? it was not up to that flight attendant to check for your friend's visa.That is an immigration issue - not a flight attendant issue.

    As for checking for terrorists - they don't know who they are - look at those poor air flight students who caused a problem because they were looking at their manuals instead of p l a y boy.

    I use my drivers license in the country and my passport over international lines.

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