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Thread: What does the bible say ?

  1. #21
    still waiting Fredy....where's that chapter in the book of fools that says illegal immigration is A-OK with Hay-zoos????
    You are just a hypocritical lowlife who turns to the bible whenever your 79 IQ runs out of gas.

  2. #22
    Some of you have quoted the bible to support your views and those are the issues I pay attention . The topic was " what does the bible say " I am only dealing with the biblical view on immigration . I am not interested about opinions going back to the issue .Let's try this once again .

  3. #23
    the bible does not say it's OK to sneak across the borders of a sovereign nation, to steal benefits from the taxpaying local population, to pick and choose which laws to obey...and you Fredy, are the quintessential hyopcritical have avoided and evaded my replies and keep trying to divert my attention from the fact that you are just an enema bag spout cleaner...and nothing more.

  4. #24
    immigration is not a new issue , we are in a world of sin and the results of sin make it difficult for some individuals to survive in their own countries . The nation of Israel were oppressed by the Egyptians in the books of Exodus ( second book of the bible ) and God delivered them .As a nation of laws Israel God told them in Leviticus 19:34 The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt. I am the LORD your God" and there are more examples " exodus 22:21 "Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, for you were aliens in Egypt" and there are many more commands from God himself on loving aliens and caring for them . When the writers of the New testament come along they are not " making up a new doctrine " but they continue with the message of love . As Christians we should live by the principles taught by the great teacher Jesus Christ who lived in a world that he had created as a servant and die so human beings can have a second chance .

  5. #25
    sorry Fredy, but the bible is NOT LAW. No one has to obey a single word in any book of blather. Only brainwashed morons like you turn to the book of dogma to justify your actions and lack of respect for the laws of MY country.
    Last chance, dip$hit....point to anything anywhere in which jesus said...'hey, it's OK to sneak into another country, work illegally, marry a cow and thumb your nose at the laws of that country...'....go ahead...find that passage.
    And speaking rendering unto Caesar....are YOU paying income taxes to MY country? If so, with what stolen SSN? If not, then YOU are violating the very words you foolishly cherish so much....which sounds like the usual christian hypocrisy.

  6. #26
    the writers of the new and old testament were who designed a book for fools...just like you. Men who for some reason despise with tiny di.cks....just like you.
    Tell us all christians lie, cheat and you? Do all christians thumb their noses at laws, like you? Why do you believe that self appointed christians should be exempt from any law they do not agree with?
    Or are we going to read even more mindless quotes since your pea brain does not have enough brain matter to produce an original thought???

  7. #27
    Fredy is an ignorant beaner trying to impose a fabrication.

  8. #28
    The story of the rich man and Lazarus proves an important point also . Once again I am only dealing with the biblical record . If you believe the bible is a book of fiction well , I feel sorry for you . I don't want to waste my time explaining about the discoveries of archeology etc .I would suggest if you want to know about this , go to a book store and buy a book on archeology and the bible .Maybe when you get your GED you can take some Philosophy classes . by the grace of God I am not illegal in this country but I advocate for those who are . You must have a very miserable life since your only job seems to spread hate , I feel sorry for people like you . I hope the Christmas spirit can touch something in your life .Bitterness and fear will destroy your life .

  9. #29
    the bible is nothing but a collection of dogmatic pablum. the bible is NOT LAW. I am not required to run my life based on the blather contained within that book. I have a brain and an IQ approaching 155, whereas yours is around 74 on a hot day.
    You and other hypocritical 'christians' try to dissemble anything that challenges the hypocrisy of organized religion, blame every bad event on the devil, and act as if you can summon your favorite deity like a genie in a bottle.....but no one has ever done that, oddly.
    You are a scumbag, a parasite, stealing from me and my fellow American citizens while trying to justify your irreponsible behavior via biblical quotes that bear no relation to reality.
    If you and the thousands of other brainwashed eff ups really followed the bible, number one, you'd be having a lot of bull and lamb barbeques, smiting your relatives for the slightest transgressions....but once again, you pick and choose only those quotes that seem to fit some half-a$$ed agenda, claiming that those words were written for some other period of time...well, if true, then they have zero meaning cannot logically adhere to five or six sentences and toss the's all or nothing,pendejo, or is there some disclaimer in the front of the bible that says you only have to obey certain parts of it?
    Do all of us a favor....get the eff out of my country...we don't want your sorry unwashed, irresponsible behind taking up valuable space here.

  10. #30
    155 IQ ,I am impressed . The only problem is that you are breaking one of the commandments , you are not telling the truth about your IQ . How come you haven't finished high school ?

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