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Thread: The amerikan bit ch dies...

  1. #1
    Terri Schiavo was faking for 15 years to get media attention and hoping to get money... her plan didnt worked.. i would be much happier if she was beheaded

  2. #2
    Terri Schiavo was faking for 15 years to get media attention and hoping to get money... her plan didnt worked.. i would be much happier if she was beheaded

  3. #3
    How sad that you are that you feel that you should waste yours and our time with this type of post.
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  4. #4
    Epic**** is at it again. This guy would be a PERFECT psychological case study. It's absolutely fascinating.

  5. #5
    Emica, Itduzz is on our payroll.
    Need to remind you: we are "Cilmigrant Union', we are the association of people who hate poor colored Immigrants of all sorts from all parts of the world, particularly we are sick of Mexicans. We just can't stand those Mexicans anymore!
    We also think that our Government is utterly stupid, because it tolerates presence of so many Immigrants here. So d-a-m-n stupid, that it seems to be almost on the verge of granting Legal Status to the hordes of those barbaric Sub-Humans who don't have papers yet stubbornly stay here to build our houses, to cut our grasses, to clean our garbage and to steal all those menial, low-paid jobs that everyone would love to take, if only it wasn't for Mexicans.

    So, having no other choice, we pay now this fellow of ours', Itduzz, $300/hour for the following reason: he helps us to create some sort of Evil image that we can later, in the heat, use against ALL Immigrants from ALL different countries of the world.
    For instance, we can use the anger he creates to kick some Mexican, Russian, Salvadoran ,Polish and other 'undesirable' a-sses out of here.
    Do you get it now?

    So, PLEASE, keep quite now!
    Let our guy do the job.
    Mind you: he is on our, 'Cilmigrant's' payroll.

    Best wishes,

  6. #6
    Sorry, never going to get it. I'm not into the stuff your into. HOWEVER I would LOVE to pick your demented brain for a few hours. Basically to see how you were raised, where your parents went wrong etc. I would use the experience as a lesson on what not to teach future generations of Americans. Since, by the way, all Americans are immigrants. Get it? Keep posting though as I find you bizzare, and as I said before, absulutely fascinating.

  7. #7
    Do some research on internet, you will find plenty of websites of 'Cilmigrants', who openly state what you just read above.

    You can even see how some of them openly praised the works of 'Itduzz's in recent past, as bizzare as it might seem to you, darling.

    Best Wishes,

  8. #8
    Amazing. He is actually speaking in 3rd person as if the original poster is not him. This guy would be a gold mine for the right psychologist. Truly amazing.

  9. #9
    You will be much more amazed, dear Emica, if you spend little more time discovering Arts, Literature, Poetry, History, Law, Philosophy, Psychology and many many other subjects.

    Best Wishes,

  10. #10
    There's obviously more than a few screws loose here. The old saying "The loonies are running the asylum" applies to this board at the moment. (keeping fingers crossed that the board will return to normal eventually)

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