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Thread: Day laborer beating reveals vulnerability

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    Yeah. Whites have never been shot or killed by mexican gang members either. Neverrrr...

    -= nav =-

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    You just don't get it. Just like a little kid........he did it first mommy

    You lack intelligence my American Citizen.

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    If you disagree with an dumb *** immigrant you must lack intelligence ! Riiiight !

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    "an dumb" 'dumb ahhsszz'. You are a disgrace 'puuhnnnk'

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    So in your point of view if one race does it it's alright to do it to another????? Sounds like my children. So your saying it's alright that they beheaded an American in Iraq because we embarrassed their people??? I think not. Not like they haven't done unspeakable things to Americans.

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    Those punks break the law and they should pay dearly for it, no sugar coating it. Doesn't matter if the person they beat up is black, brown, yellow or white, they still will go to jail for their stupid act.

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