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Thread: Can you explain this?

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    I live in Manhattan, my district office is at federal plaza. The USCIS website shows my case is with Federal Plaza District Office. Why would they schedule my interview at another district office (Garden City)?

    Doesn't make sense, does it? I called the 800 number and the lady told me that they schedule the interview where the interviewer lives. I found that odd, but did not want to waste time arguing her, so I said thanks and moved on. But, I am still curious whether or not they made a mistake or they intentionally scheduled it at a different district.

    Any idea?

  2. #2
    They sometimes move cases between district offices that are close to each other if one has too much work or too many cases and the other doesn't.

  3. #3
    Wrong, only the applicant can request a transfer to another district. You should request in writing that the case be returned to the district office having juridiction over your place of residence. (And it is based on your residence, not where you work.) Send the letter to the Field Office Director of the NYC Field Office.

    The mailing address is:


    New York District Office

    Jacob K. Javits Federal Building

    26 Federal Plaza

    New York, NY 10278.

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    Many cases get transferred from NYC office to the Garden City Office (only 1/2 hour away by train from New York City). Only explanation is division of work. Many people who live in the borough of Manhattan have had their interviews at Garden City.

  5. #5
    Thank you for your input. I live and work in Manhattan, so I think the only reason they could be sending it there was because of division of work as Mani said.

    Thank you for your inputs. At this point, I think I will go with the flow. Requesting a file transfer may cause a delay.

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    If you type in google search Manhattan interview Garden City you will find quite a few people who applied to one office and got interview in another.

    "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit

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    Hello.My friend is currently renewing her H1B visa through her current employer. She went home last 2007 using her old visa with her previous employer that would expire last 2008.Shw was then with her new employer with a visa that would expire March 2010. The thing is her I-94 was with her old visa and the lawyer told her that they might be a problem because her 1-94 has a H1B visa til Oct 2008 and her new visa is supposed to expire this March 2010. She now knew that she needed to have her new visa stamp. Will her application for extension of H1B visa be jeoperdize. What will be the next best step for her?

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    Originally posted by Mrs. Mani:
    Many cases get transferred from NYC office to the Garden City Office (only 1/2 hour away by train from New York City).
    Wrong. It's over an hour from Manhattan and the train (Long Island Rail Road) does not stop near there.

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    Sonofmichael do you have an answer for my question? I just wanna know

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    I concur with the opinions stated above; they can move a case if they are backed upin one office; trouble is they will probably lose your file

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