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    What can happen if person who entered country legally but is now out of status has worked without getting employment authorization? For this scenario, let's also assume illegal is Cuban. Can't deport Cubans, right? However, I assume when applying for adjustment of status and work authorization now, it will be asked on applications if this person ever worked before illegally. Obviously, the person cannot lie. It is usually grounds for deportability if one works without authorization (unless married to U.S. citizen or LPR, I believe). Thanks for any help on this.

  2. #2
    I believe you already answer this question yourself. Its your choice. You can lie and if the USCIS found out, it'll be double jeopardy for deportation. IIRC only marriage to USC exclude it.

  3. #3
    doesn't 245i also forgive illegal work?

  4. #4
    yes, i think 245i would as well. But 245i its a moot point in this person's case.

  5. #5
    If the ilegal is cuban then he can adjust to a greencard after one year

  6. #6
    245i doesn't apply in this case. The question is "what happnes to a Cuban who worked without authorization if trying to adjust status?". Lastly, does a Cuban need an affidavit of support - what I read indicates "no", that there is no public charge of inadmissability against Cubans. But wouldn't, let's say, an I-134 help if Cuban has been here for a few years to show it won't be a problem if he becomes an LPR?

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    He claims to be one. I just find it ironic how this person seek free advice and then proceed to charge $$$ for the very same advice to his client. Sympathy is almost automatic to his clientele.

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