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Thread: KI Fiance Visa Time

  1. #1
    From start to finish how long does it take someone to get a K1 Visa? I will be applying to the Vermont Service Center for the K1 visa for my future bride.

  2. #2
    From start to finish how long does it take someone to get a K1 Visa? I will be applying to the Vermont Service Center for the K1 visa for my future bride.

  3. #3
    K1 are pretty fast...usually they take from 3 to 6 months...

    I guess you will never change even after one experience.... probably you want to stay on ILW and in this immigration mess forever .... I have feelings ...10 yrs down the road when I will check this website...Michael will be whining of fraud from his 5th immigrant wife...

  4. #4
    So you admit that all immigrants are frauds? I need to get a wife soon to walk my dog while I am in school.

  5. #5
    The fraudsters need more dumb Americans like Michael!

  6. #6
    3- 6 months is an unreal number at least if your are filing in Chicago. It took us 10 months and we were told that we are lucky. I learned only one thing, those who come here as turists, stay illegally and then get married (yes very often for papers) get everything done twice as fast as us idiots who do everything correctly, first fall in love, then file in K1, then get married in three months, then wait for your work permit for 6, and then God knows when you are going to get your temporary green card... I still havent.
    I think you should look up your service center they have all processing dates.
    Sorry to be so negative.
    good luck

  7. #7
    I believe in true love and I am not jaded by the fraudsters

  8. #8
    lol, Michael, you are so pathetic that it is almost funny

  9. #9
    Lol...i never said that all immigrants are fraud.... you are going to become a lawyer ... at least make a strong logical argument to prove your point ... u r gonna need that skill in your occupation.... The meaning of my reply was as follow....

    Why are you so desperate to marry a foreigner after one bad experience as per you say....still we don't know story from the other side .... anyways...obviously you cant find the category to marry in you are looking for.... you are in your late 40s' if I m not mistaken u r 47 / 48 right? Whatever.... and you want to marry someone in their early 20 s' or even less 17 / 18 yrs old... age of ur daughter....who is gonna marry you for real or for love with these criteria? You are making fool out of urself and fun of marriage for your sake only....just to have fun for couple of months.... can you marry 80 yrs old granny ? Dude...think abt it....

    Young girls are going to use you just like you will be using her for couple of months...simple as that....there is no fraud at all...its a mutual cant blame deep water for drowning if you don't know how to swim.... just think before you jump, what you are getting urself into.... you just don't get married to have fun or walk your dog or bla bla bla... its very hard to find your better half anywhere in the world.... there is no guarantee that your marriage will last if you marry someone from United States....

    Anyways enough of writing... I know u r writing all these nonsense just to have continue having fun ....good luck...Pasha

  10. #10
    I am 43 you nitwit and I do not have any children. It is quite natural for a man to take a wife 15-20 younger than him. No one wants to be married to one of you old hags. I do date women in their 50's so there is no contradiction here. They can't have children so that is why I don't marry them, although they have better emotional skills. Love knows no age.

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