I need one help. I got my H1B stamping done in few days back. My surname is "KANCHERLA" and Givenname is "VENKATA SUBBARAO". But, in my passport it was mentioned my surname as "KANCHERLA VENKATA" and Givenname as "SUBBARAO". I dont know why they given like this, I thought it is due to space constraint or something. I got my VISA like this only. So, now in my VISA my surname was mentionaed as "KANCHERLA VENKATA" and given name as "SUBBARAO". I have wife and kid, their passports having Surname as "KANCHERLA".
So, what should I do know?
Do I need to contact first to Passport office or Consulate? How long it takes the process?
Is there any problem for my wife and kid for their H4?

Please help about this regard asap.

Thanks in advance,