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Thread: Promotion !

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    I just got promoted; I am now a Senior Adjudication Manager in the NYC district office !

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    I just got promoted; I am now a Senior Adjudication Manager in the NYC district office !

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    fresh taco i could not help but LOLOLO crazy

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    So now you are not only a Mike-hole but a Sr. Mike-Hole...

    Simply put - you are a racist, moronic, and really quite juvenile ****. This board used to be helpful to those who had legitamite questions or comments; however, ever since the day you came aboard you have been acting like a 12yr old and pissing everyone off..

    Oh well - you reap what you sow. One day you will regret the harrasement you so quickly deal out. Your identity is known and someone will finally have enough of your BS and 'deal' with it.

    Come to think of it, last summer you promised all of us that you would never post here again. But of course, you grew tired of using your childish aliases and came back under your old screen-name. I had hoped that you would of been a man of your word about leaving but of course, being the Mike-Hole that you are, you didn't.

    Mike-Hole - you are a ****ing **** - plain and simple. Remember that when you look into the mirror.


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    here are the particulars of the son of a Breastless B-ITCH....the adopted helpless German:


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    Michael, congratulations on your promotion.

    What does that mean for people who are waiting on their cases in your district?

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    People in my district will be afforded the highest quality of services. While we carefully weed out the obvious fraudsters, scamsters, and drug crazed negroes, we ajuducate each and every petitition fairly, accurately and timely. I am the fastest adjudicator in the system; I process four times as many applications as the next fastest official and with more accuracy. Not one fraudster has slipped past my desk. I am the number one deporter in the country and the fairest.

    Senior Adjudication Manager
    NYC district office

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    What about the Russian hoe who slipped past your bed?


  10. #10
    Congratulations ! Let us kick fraudulent a$$ out of our country !!

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