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Thread: I want to deport my wife back to India

  1. #1
    Hi. I am yet to find a girl and get married. However, the concern is that if I do get married and if she does not follow my orders and my instructions on bed at night, can I initiate deportation proceedings against her? Is there any such law ?

  2. #2
    Bob Singh,

    I am sure in your cave/rock that you call your home, that law certainly exists. So please, feel free to do as you like. Just a note of advice for you - Save your breath. You'll need it to blow up your date.

  3. #3
    It depends! What kind of orders and instructions you want her to follow? Why it has to be at night? I don't think there is a special law for the night.

  4. #4
    I'm sure those "special instructions" have something to do with the DOG.

    Hope you live in Massachusetts. The penalty for beastiality there is DEATH.

  5. #5

  6. #6
    Bob Schmoe - Yawn ! Please make another Schmoe persona, You are boring.

  7. #7
    Can I come there and live with any of you because I am selling my Condo. Is anybody interested in keeping me ?

  8. #8
    penalty for bestiality but not sodomy? ... hmmmm

  9. #9
    Any girl who will take good care of my Dog will be my fiancee and my life partner but she has to prove that to me first before I buy her engagement ring.

  10. #10
    Layla, you are grounded with my Dog. Have fun with him !

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