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Thread: Urgent advice on waiver

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    I just got married to my fiance who is a residence of US. She is getting ready to petition for me. I have been on deportation proceeding for the last 8 years with my case still at the 9th Circuit Court of appeals. If we were to go for an interview with the INS and passed, what waivers can I file to cancel the deportation proceeding based on my marriage and approved petition? When do I need to file this petition? My fiance and I have been together for 7 years and have 2 children together.
    Thanks for the advice.

  2. #2
    You are already in proceedings, so only the judge can order you admitted. USCIS will deny any application you submit because you are already in proceedings. And you have to end your appeal in the federal courts as well as the IJ will not entertain anything while it is under judicial review. And the appeals court cannot take into account your changed circumstanses. The agency and the IJ have to deal with it first and then you appeal their denials.

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    In short, my wife should not attempt to petition for me until my case is decided by the 9th circuit court of appeals? This case has been in the appeal court for the past 5 years, no response yet.
    Do Ihave any other option to resolve this. Can my wife still petition for me?

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    jus ask fredy to thump on his bible and god will send you a green card....but really...who gives a rat's a$$ about some douchebag illegal alien who has shown a consistent pattern of not respecting the laws of MY country???? Just because you married some trailerpark cow doesn't waive all of your transgressions....get the eff out of MY country, $hitbag.

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    Obviously you sound very uneducated and ignorant of the world around you. I am surprised you didn't know that your father and grandfather emigrated to this country. You need to learn more about your heritage and history. This will do you a lot more good than been judgemental and aggressive about nothing. I do feel sorry for you, because your thoughts and feelings does not really matter in this case. Good luck buddy. You need it than the so called trailerpark cow.

  6. #6
    Your solution is to end your appeal, then request that the IJ make a decision in your favor based on your marriage.

  7. #7
    let's see....who is in deportation (nope, I am an American citizen)...or you, a cess pool don't know anything about my heritage, whereas I step carefully over yours many mornings, when people don't pick up after their and fredy ought to go shower together and pick up the soap for each are nothing but lowlife soon-to-be deported trash, to be tossed out with old banana peels....

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    Who needs to continue to answer a dumb brain like you. I am sure you don't even have a high school GED, so why waste time with you. Obviously one can see from your posts that you also don't have a job. Stop being angry, you might develop cancer sooner than you thought. Immigrants are here to stay, leave with it or ***X, you know what that means or do I need to clarrify it to you?

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    Originally posted by federale86:
    Your solution is to end your appeal, then request that the IJ make a decision in your favor based on your marriage.

    Could you please enlighten me as to how to do this. Do I need to file a motion to the 9th circuit courts. Please explain.

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    what fed said was right- when you file the application it will get denied. This has to be taken care of in the courts and through the appeals process. Is a lawyer handling your deportation case? Have you told him/her that you have married a US citizen?

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