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Thread: Two immigrants, two standards

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    More correctly, the double standards of those who put pressure on the USCIS, including Congresspeople trying to help constituents and BIG DONORS. In the cases the article refers to, there is a legal route available for the athlete, and she's probably being helped because someone has a big financial interest in her being able to compete for the US. For the refugee, however, there is no legal route because Congress hasn't chosen to enact one, and USCIS doesn't have the authority to operate beyond its mandate. If she were the real child of the would-be sponsor, or even legally adopted, there would be a legal route, but she's not. In sum, the article implies that USCIS has an authority that it simply doesn't have, and is being "unfair" or just plain mean, when it's following the laws available. If people are unhappy with what Congress has told CIS to do, they should tell that to Congress, not CIS.

    As long as we're talking "dual standards", consider the dual standard of people who are "sympathetic" (the right "S O B story") making the news and getting help, such as the family in this story, while those who aren't telegenic or don't have the same kind of media appeal get stuck with what's dealt them. Life ain't fair is the applicable truism.

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    Says a lot doesn't it? So much for equality in the eyes of the law. Too bad we didn't know about the two day law in time to take advantage of it.

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