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Thread: USCIS Interview question, need the advise, thanks!

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    My initial inteview based on marriage is coming on next week at Newark, New Jersey, me and my wife, we have all the paper work ready, is there anything else we should know before going to interview? or is there any tricky questions that we should be aware of? any information will help, thanks.

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    If you do not like our system then get out !!!

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    Michael, you get out! And quit stealing our money!

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    Just take as many documents as you can to show your marriage and all the things listed on the interview letter. They usually only ask a few questions, the same ones they ask on your 485 paper work. Like " have you ever been convicted of a crime" Same question you answered when you filled out your application. Just remember to answer honestly and don't offer information. Only answer what is asked. Stay calm, your day is close! Good Luck!

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    I have the same situation, my AOS based on marriage is next week. My lawyer told me that if approved I would get my passport stamped right there, but I keep reading posts of people that have to wait for a backgroud check or something, who's right??

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    Dear kevin,
    It will be a good idea if you list the documents you're taking with you to the interview as there are many important things you must take, and people here can tell you if there is something missing.

    Good luck

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    Michael, you get out! And quit stealing our money!

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    R U INBRED ?

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    Mikehole, time to pick up your toys and leave.

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    And take this so-called LoLa with you.

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    I've had an interview in Newark in June '04, got my I-797 in 10 days and Green Card in 3 weeks. ILW helped me with all my questions and concerns. Almost everybody recommends obtaining a lot of supporting documents, not only what INS asks for in the letter, and preparing copies of them, so the officer does not send you to make them.

    Check those links, they are very helpful.

    Good luck!

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