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Thread: Illegal Alien Threatened to Rape two underage girls

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    Well, are you sure the two underaged girls are not illegal too? Anyway, criminal offense is not limited to US citizens. As humans, illegal aliens also commit mistakes. Don't you know that our soldiers have committed or continue to commit crimes such as rape in other countries especially third world countries?

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    Once again you show your anti-American feelings !! I support our troops who are fighting evil and defending America. If you think so badly of America, then GET OUT !!! What difference does it make if the girls are illegal; does that justify rape? Is raping someone a "mistake"or isn't there a clear intent? The media makes up these stories of American soldiers and splash it on the front cover every day for months until they are proven to be false while they never report on illegals committing crimes.


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    you insinuate that all illegal aliens are rapist, and that is not the case. If these girls had been harassed by this man before why had they not reported him before??? Yes....criminal aliens that commit crime should not be allowed to stay, but to try to convince people that all illegals are rapist isnt fair. Then like macy said...we should also assume that all soldiers are rapists....because, as I am sure you are aware rape in the military does happen.Because there are a few rotten apples doesnt mean all of them are spoiled...

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    so in your point of view, it is ok for a soldier to go to a third world country and rape a girl/woman??? It is fair that they go unpunished......I say this because as you know, no one can ever bring charges against a soldier, they are untouchable....just like cops....even if they are guilty

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    Son of Village Idiot, are you smoking crack again????

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    Frequent Member
    Posted May 21, 9:15 AM Hide Post
    Where is your humanity? These people are human beings just like me and you !!! They found themselves in an unfortunate and desperate aituation. They did what they did do put food on the tables of their families. They sacrificed their life and riked death and prison to provide for their families. Maybe they were not crying because they got caught but becausse now they can not feed their children. Can you blame people for breaking the law to feed their children? God help anyone who is so deperate. May God Bless America !

    This message has been edited. Last edited by: SonofMichael, May 21, 3:28 PM

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