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Thread: More Gifts From Mexico

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    You can't engage in a decent argumentation and debate. What to expect? You're a GOP.

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    Missed the point in reference to fed's irresponsible name calling. Yet another GOP.

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    Yet always failing and proven unfit to rule. How? Can't even stand as a solid group, with Limbaugh as national leader. Al Franken sealed the magic 60. O boy, tough!

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    But that's one thing beautiful in politics. Voters want to prove themselves right in their choices. The Dems are tackling seemingly insurmountable challenges, but polls upon polls show voters standing up with the party they voted into office. Whereas, the GOP's poor excuse for leadership buries themselves deeper and deeper into the mud because they project themselves as doom wishers and severely beaten that their primary agendum is to work and pray for a popularly elected administration to fail.

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    Your national leader said, confirmed, and reconfirmed that he hopes the current leadership fails,

    while his puppets in the House and Senate echoed the same sentiment if not by words by their legislative actions.

    But you're not in luck because although your party has made things so bad till rock bottom, the only direction is to climb up. You'll surely sulk with this prospect with your un-cooperating dead weight. But don't worry, we know for a fact that that's your nature. Just please enjoy the ride!

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    Translation: I hope he fails! I hope he fails! I hope he fails! A typical dirge-like lamentation by the bitterly conquered, or due to absence of anything else, the only existing battlecry that has the closest semblance of unifying the desperately splintered and erstwhile GOP!

    And because the American people now know better, the old party of past grandeur (real or imagined) that has gone awry was resoundingly and convincingly made to fill a minority of seats in both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, to hold a minority of state governorships, and to control a minority of state legislatures.

    Why so? The watching eyes of the vigilant nation never sleep. The reign of power was in their sloppy care that took the nation in the wrong direction. They were weighed deficient, betrayed public trust, incompetently ruled, and alienated the country in the league of nations.

    Hence, instead of letting the GOP take the whole country to its sure demise, the populace said enough is enough - if you want to die you die as a party alone! And so it came to pass, House Minority's Boehner, Senate Minority's McConnell, and figurehead Chair Steele now grapple to grasp at anything within reach to save the ship from further disintegrating and totally capsizing.

    What's their first order of business? To pledge allegiance to Rush Limbaugh, the only party operative with optimum credibility, capability, and national dominion to keep the collapsing party together. If not him, who else? Kindly tell.

    I could almost predict your response, through your spinning and twisting words, that would simply and undoubtedly translate into this: I hope he fails! Hope on, you Rush Limbaugh fanatic.

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    Told you, the predicted response translation has been point-blank: "I hope he fails," with additional element... "after all, his party created all this!" Haha! reminds me of Pontius Pilate washing his hands... hehe!

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    Hmmm... here comes the inevitable tabloid-caliber attack! O well, what else to expect?

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