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Thread: Latest I-751 processing dates released

  1. #1
    CSC 5/19/04
    NSC 6/11/03
    TSC 10/17/03
    VSC 6/1/04

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    CSC 5/19/04
    NSC 6/11/03
    TSC 10/17/03
    VSC 6/1/04

  3. #3
    My waiver has a receipt date of 3/29/04 and nothing yet....

    It is amazing how VSC went from being the slowest center doing I-751's to be now the faster one.

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    Mine wasn't dealt with until 6 mos after the processing dates came up. (ie: They were working on June of '03 when my Oct '02 filing was processed...)

    Basically, the dates seem to be over-exaggerated (to say the least) and I also suspect that the INS has begun working on recent cases and have left the older cases to slowly be processed 'as time allows'.

    Any statistics major can figure out that by doing this they reduce the number of cases in backlog for their reporting purposes (even if those that are in backlog are falling ****her and ****her behind...)


  5. #5
    FYI the sentence that was censored was:

    F A R T H E R and F A R T H E R behind...

    I guess F A R T is a bad word (but Michael's racial slurs are OK - this site needs a real moderator not the s t u p i d software they use...)


  6. #6
    Non-citizen Immigrants, per se, have no political power as they do not have the right to vote. The only clout they have is with advocacy groups which usually represent a certain ethnic group, not immigrants in general. Besides, those lobbies have their hands full fighting the Proposition (#?) in Arizona (and before that CA) and really don't care about the duration of processing applications.

    I mean come on - I was married in 1999 and I am still waiting for my GC. That is almost 5 1/2 years to deal with a simple marriage based AOS.

    Do you think that if I (we) could vote, they would treat us like this? I seriously doubt it. I just have to laugh when I read the Backlog Elmination Plan they put forward. I know that they are going to s c r e w us 'old-timers' over by processing the new applications first in order to skew their statistics to show progress when there is none.


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