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Thread: ILW.COM will be more active in this community

  1. #1
    Hello everyone:

    My name is Sam, I am the publisher of ILW.COM. We have had this community since 1999. We have left it pretty much alone and I am happy to say that it has grown dramatically over time.

    I am a strong believer in freedom of speech, and I have no problem with those who are against immigration posting on our discussion board.

    However, we have always urged every poster to refrain from using foul language. This has been widely ignored on this board from time to time. I am urging everyone in this community to please observe the ban on use of foul language (eg four letter words, etc).

    I will occasionally be posting under my personal account which you see in this post. I am deliberately not posting as the admin since I want to ensure that I can offer my personal opinions on threads from time to time. If any member of this community wants to confirm my identity as publisher, please feel free to email the administrator account

    Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to a lively and respectful community going forward.

    Sam U.

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    I am a strong believer in <span class="ev_code_RED">freedom of speech,</span> and I have no problem with those who are against immigration posting on our discussion board.

    Hello Sam of ILW

    Just in response to the above statement.,, I havent seen any posts against immigration. There have been numerous posts relative to Illegal migration, or term Illegal immigration as known by most.

    This community has always been a clean one in the past. Not having to read the gutter and vulgar foul language that lately has become the popular trend with a growing following.

    The key words here are respectful community going forward.

  3. #3
    Dear 4Now:

    Thanks for your response. We have no problems with folks who are against illegal immigration, or against legal immigration or both, or indeed, have any other opinion.

    Our concern is repeated complaints mailed into alleging foul language on the board. Our active participation is to ensure that foul language is not used on this forum. If anyone has any disagreement with anyone else's opinion, pl voice the disagreement in any way you like - with or without passion, with or without criticism, etc - however, pl refrain from using foul language.

    I trust the community will agree that our's is a reasonable position. Thanks.

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    hi sam i was just wondering about 1 thing , i also believe on the freedom of speach . but have u read sonofmichael's post on the (Am I a Citizen? how do I proove it thread) is his statment also a freedom of speach?

  6. #6
    Hi Sam U.,

    I hope your presence here will inspire members to hold themselves to a higher level of standards.

    Thank you and welcome!

  7. #7
    I trust the community will agree that our's is a <span class="ev_code_BLUE">reasonable position</span>

    I 4one am in agreement. thank you for free reign... but of course without the foul language.

    We are determined to hold this board together as you have spent many hard working years to build it up and add the enhancements that we requested. it is a super board now.

    Now that we have almost every imaginative add on that we requested.... can you give us audio bits now if we are very good souls. (of course with option to turn sound on or off.)

    Thank you Sam of ILW

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    hi sam , by the way , what happened with the (chat with lawyers) weekly service? and before the member were able to use that service to chat with each other even when there was no attorney's online..and not it's not working at all ? thnx alot

  9. #9
    Hi Sam,

    Just to say thanks to you for making this forum possible. I have done lots of searches to help my friend's immigration concerns and this is the forum that really helped and shed light on her problems. Keep up the good work!

    Most of the power members had really been helpful (whether in the form of direct advice or expression of opinions and options). Members who came to this forum for help definitely appreciate the exchange of information.
    Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.

    --John Wesley

  10. #10
    Hello again everyone! Wow, lots of responses from the community! I will try to address specific issues raised below:

    To Mike_2007's post of 6.43pm: I will take a look at the post you refer (Am I a Citizen), and revert (probably tomoro). If you can post a link on this thread, that would also help.

    To 4Now's post of 6.58pm: Thanks for your kind words on enhancements. The enhancements tripled our costs for this board, but we felt that it would make for a livelier experience for everyone. I will research the audio question with our tech folks, and will revert. However, bear in mind that this may take a few days.

    To Mike_2007's post of 7.11pm: We discontinued our chat with lawyers feature as we found that:
    (1) the standard on the internet was to use the synchronous device of chat for time-sensitive communication like suicide help lines, etc
    (2) the volume on discussion boards across the internet had exploded and there appeared to be a much greater need for asynchronous communication.
    However, there is a chat feature right here on this board that any member can use if they like. So, you can certainly chat among each other on this board using a synchronous feature, without posting on the board.

    To all other posts: Thanks for your kind words. We appreciate the patience and participation of this community, and will support you over the coming years.

    Thanks to all again.

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