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Thread: US Armed Forces- Japan- Conditional Green Card Removal

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    I am a member of the US armed forces stationed in Japan. My wife is with me in Japan on a Conditional Green Card. What do we do to file the I-751 to remove the conditional status? Thank you.

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    I am a member of the US armed forces stationed in Japan. My wife is with me in Japan on a Conditional Green Card. What do we do to file the I-751 to remove the conditional status? Thank you.

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    I am not sure where you are located in Japan,
    we do have 7 diplomatic post in that country
    best thing to do check with the Consular Officer/or Immigration Section and speak to some experienced person, they can give you all the forms as well.
    Good luck

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    We are in Japan. You recommend consult with US embassy in Tokyo.

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    I know that you are in Japan, YES You consult with the US Embassy, Japan.
    Lets talk about the departue of your wife:
    Before her departue have you informed the US Department of Homeland Security that you are transfered by DOD to Japan. Your wife will join you at some point.

    Your wife is not within the jurisdiction of the United States, since she is living in Japan.
    All INS Offices has been changed to USCIS/BCIS.
    as well in Foreign Countries. If you contact the US Embassy, at Tokyo visa Branch Box 205-IV, AO AP 96337-5004 USA or Visa Communication Unit Fax 03-5570-5041 they will help you.
    Japan do not have INS office, it is under the Jurisdiction of KOREA USCIS/BCIS
    Address: Officer In Charge
    c/o American Embassy, Seoul, Korea
    Unit 15550
    APO AP 96205-0001
    Before you write to Embassy, Korea, check the address through your APO Office for correct listing of this address.
    Check with your Unit, you must have an office who also handle the Immigration matters.
    You also have an Office in DOD at Washington,DC.
    There are many peoples on this borad who had worked for US Embasseis, and Consulates, in the Consular Section, and they are better then any Attorneies. Let their experience work for you.
    With all the best.

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    fasoolia: Hope you are working through the Embassy.

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    Yes, this is what they told me:
    If you and your wife were an overseas assignment during the last 90 days of
    your wife's cardfs validity and up to the time you need to travel, your
    wife can travel with her expired green card, your military order to overseas
    showing her name, military ID, and her passport. When you get to the U.S.,
    you may file an I-751 within 90days of your return to the US.

    We hope this information is helpful to you.

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    How long you have been married?
    You can download the form I-751 complete it, get your/her signatue certifyed by one of the Officer who is authorised to take oath, then take a letter from your commanding Officer certying that your wife is with you. attached the copy of her GC Pasport, Travel order,
    your orders, and mail under certified returned mail to TSC.
    This should work, I am sorry they were not much of help to you. Is your wife from Middle-East.
    best of luck

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