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Thread: Please Help!!!

  1. #1
    My fiancee' has an expired visa.

    He has been in this country for 14 years.

    We want to marry as soon as possible.

    Will we be able to obtain a marriage license?

    What do we need to do?

    Thank you.

  2. #2
    My fiancee' has an expired visa.

    He has been in this country for 14 years.

    We want to marry as soon as possible.

    Will we be able to obtain a marriage license?

    What do we need to do?

    Thank you.

  3. #3
    JohnDoe: Thanks for responding. I did go to my city clerk's office to inquire about the requirements for the certificate. She indicated that he needed a birth certificate, which we have and an updated passport.

    His passport is updated until 2012 and shows the city where he had it renewed. It does not show how he got into the country. Will the clerk be looking for that? I am a nervous wreck.

  4. #4
    JohnDoe: You have made me feel 100%. Here's a big kiss and a hug for you((((((((((((((((((JohnDoe))))))))))))))))))

  5. #5
    You and your fiance can marry as long as you are both free to do so. However it seems that you know he is here illegally yet you are helping him to obtain legal status by marrying him. I have two questions: 1) Is this marriage for love or green card? 2) Why are you so scared?

    Perhaps you should speak to an immigration attorney before you get married? Are you aware that once you marrry this man and start the process for him to become a legal resident you will be required to sponsor him? An affidavit of support will hold you financially responsible for this man for 10-years even if you get divorced.

    Please be aware of the many things involved before you say I do.

    Best wishes.

  6. #6
    Hi bigdummy,

    I am definitely marrying because of love. I am scared because our wedding date is Nov. 4th. I realize that I will have to sponsor him, and we are in the process of obtaining an immigration lawyer. I was told by someone that we would not be able to obtain a marriage license if his visa had expired.

    I contacted the clerk's office and asked the requirements and she said he needed an updated passport which he has.

  7. #7
    that 'someone' lied to you 100%. Ask your lawyer anything you dont know, dont ask for advice for those who dont know what you are asking about.

    All you need for marriage is just something that will proof age and place of birth, nothing about immigration status.

    Go ahead and get married stop worrying over these small things.

  8. #8
    Scared, usually an immigration attorney is not needed for filing under the circumstances you describe. Has he ever committed a felony OR misdemeanor? On the site it gives you a list of documents that you need to complete and if you go to or you can find many many threads on this exact subject.

  9. #9
    My husband 26 year old is US army guy in korean and he is American citizen, i am korean 33 year old,we living in seoul.

    we are married 1 month and how to apply CR1 how long i get green card and live in america? I want to leave korea very quick and live in american forever.

  10. #10
    JohnDoe and Still Learning,

    Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind. I felt better yesterday than I had in three days.

    Still Learning: I intend to go to the website, thank you for the information.

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