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Thread: Did u get this!!!- LULAC

  1. #1
    I just got a letter stated- "intention to deny"

    Did anyone that apply for LULAC programm also got this letter.

    Pls how can I withdral my application, I am now married and will like to file based on marrige


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    I just got a letter stated- "intention to deny"

    Did anyone that apply for LULAC programm also got this letter.

    Pls how can I withdral my application, I am now married and will like to file based on marrige


  3. #3
    Probably they want more evidence from u. I doubted in this point u can withdrew it.Its kinda late in the ballgame. u need to talk with a very good lawyer.thanks

  4. #4
    feranmi can you tell us what the reason the USCIS denied your LIFE legalization? When and how did you come to the U.S.A for the first and second time?
    At this point you can't again can't withdrew your LIFE application, it's too late you should work and appeal it. Any information in the file will be used to decide your marriage based application if you file.

  5. #5
    Why can't he withdraw his application? Its his to begin with. Its different from a sponsor withdrawing their commitment to another person (I-864) or a company withdrawing a I-140 file on behalf of an employee.

  6. #6
    Hi there!

    I am applying for perm. residency through LULAC settlement. I filled out and sent the application at the end of last year.
    I received receipts the second week of January of this year.
    Does anyone know how long it will take to USCIS call me to take the biometrics?
    thanks a lot.

  7. #7
    I came to the US legally through visitor visa.

    I do not have enough evidence to defend my application and that is why I want to withdrawl.

    What if I did not reply their letter.

    I got my notice for biometric less than a month after I apply.


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  9. #9
    many people got this letter you are not alone, Immigration mostly look for evidence that you were here living on that date , they also look for the evidence that you was tried to file an application but was returned ( LULAC/CSS cases) , I fyou don't have enough evidence they your Petition will be denied. If you think you can provide any evidence from that period then, you can send that with your answer for reconsider. Other wise you can only appeal and you will still get denial after sometimes.
    If you have any evidence ,BAnk Account Opened that time, Air travel Boarding Pass Bus ticket , Licence Etc, Anything related to that time period will work.
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..

  10. #10
    According to I687 settlement, you cannot be denied solely as you do not have legal doc. to prove your presence as life act requirement. If you can get affadavits from your friends or people u know (detailed), submit those alongwith the copy of the new settlement agreement. Which clearly adds third party affadavits are accepted. You do need to respond in 30 days. good luck

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