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Thread: AOS in Washington State

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    Does anyone know how long after filing for AOS through marriage to a US Citizen, does the interview call is? I am talking about the Seattle office. Also, how long is the office taking to issue work auth.?

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    Does anyone know how long after filing for AOS through marriage to a US Citizen, does the interview call is? I am talking about the Seattle office. Also, how long is the office taking to issue work auth.?

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    Not very long: They are currently at May 16 2005 for I-485 applications (so about 8 months) and they no longer process Work authorizations.

    So are you flooded out? My entire 6 acre field is under water!! Love the rain.

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    Nope, no water where I live. How come they dont process the work auth.? By law I am allowed a work auth. within 90days of my filing. Where do I get my work auth. then?

  5. #5
    Local USCIS office. Just check the listing and make sure they can issue one for you. Not all local office do that anymore.

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    Looks like the Chicago lock box. If yo go to USCIS website and click on forms you will find the application for work auth with instructions of where to file now. It used to be (until 2004) you could file directly in Seattle but they changed that. You may also be able to e-file but I don't know your circumstances. I do suggest that if you do file with Chicago that you send your forms and pay a little extra to confirm delivery - they are notorius for being very difficult to get ahold of.

  7. #7
    Dragonlady, if he has a I-765 pending for more than 90 days, why can't he just go to a local USCIS office and ask for the I-EAD? By law he should be entitled for one.

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    I know you used to be able to go to Seattle and have your EAD issued but they have changed that. The new information is on the form. The office is not even in Seattle any more but apparently in Tukwilla (brand new and spanky clean!) But sure, antivirus can go to the office or phone customer service. They aren't doing much in Seattle any more!

  9. #9
    if your spouse is a USC, despite of any overstays or any other issues you will be considered back in legal status as soon as you mail your AOS package, and through the complete process until an adjudication is made. It's very important you save your receipts.
    If you worked illegally you should terminate your employment when you file and wait for your EAD to arrive. This way, there's absolutely no problems although illegal employment is not an issue for immediate relatives of USC. However, if you do not bother to obtain an EAD, they will question why you did such a thing when you were offered the opportunity to work legally and you chose the illegal path.
    You need to make sure your application is properly documented and as accurate as possible, much better to be safe than sorry.

  10. #10
    I am a student and have never worked illegally, or worked at all. I help my family with their businesses. I will be filing here shortly for my AOS, and would like to get my work auth. soon so that i can put my degree to use. I also want to know if we can tell the USCIS that we wont be available for an interview during a certain time period. My wife plans on visiting her family overseas this summer. What do i do if our interview comes during that time? Is there a way to tell them to give us an interview later this year? I am really appriciating your help.

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