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Thread: WHEN will the HOUSE convene on the Impending ImmBill?

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    Does anyone know when the Conference begins on the Immigration Bill?



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    Does anyone know when the Conference begins on the Immigration Bill?



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    I don't know but I think as soon as it passes the Senate.

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    With the way things are looking, I highly doubt the house will convene anytime soon.

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    I still think that we will have the new bill by the end of the summer. It can't be longer than that, because it will cause even greater disapproval of the public.

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    Tomorrow is D-day and my prediction is that it will pass Senate by 74% and House by 61%. Trust me, I am almost always right.



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    It looks likely that the Senate will disregard the will of the American people on Thursday, and pass an immigration bill that Americans oppose by a large majority.

    Fortunately, the House of Representatives has some backbone. Today, the leaders in the House have said that they oppose the Senate's amnesty provisions, and that there is no chance of reconciliation.

    The best thing that could happen is that the House and the Senate unite to pass an enforcement-only Bill - build a fence on the border and enforce employer sanctions.

    Any Senators or Representatives who want to remain employed in their current capacity after the November elections would be well-advised to listen to the will of their constituents: NO AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.

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    Obviosuly it will pass Senate.

    As to House, one of it's members sugegsted the compromise version, which would allow 12 million illegal immigrants to participate in Guest Working program under condition of leaving the country and applying from abroad (through US private companies in home country of applicant).

    Read my earlier posts under "Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act"

    Antifascist1 , Posted April 27, 2006 10:55 AM

    [/quote] It seems like the Senate is close to passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, including Guest Worker program and path to Citizenship for some illegal immigrants.

    However, even if such legislation is passed by Senate, it will either be eliminated during House-Senate talks or else House won't agree to passage of any Bill.
    Considering the importance of passing Immigration Bill this year, it is likely that Senate, in last minute, will yield a compromise that will:

    1. Eliminate participation of illegals in Guest Worker program.

    House MAY (?) agree to allow some illegals to leave the country and apply from abroad, but it still remains a big question if House will accept even that.

    2. The felony charges for illegal presence will be lowered to misdemeanor charges.

    3. The least controversial part - Border and Interior Enforcement - is likely to pass both Chambers without any problem.

    4. In terms of raising Immigrant Quotas I would expect the House to oppose such measure on the grounds of "Let us first eliminate illegal immigrants and then we will talk about raising quotas" (Meaning "We hope quota will never be increased").

    Overall, what I predicted almost a year ago fairly reflects what is to be expected now.



  9. #9
    That is when you love 'Politricks'. Think of who benefits the most here; Dems vs Reps. Yes, Reps need this bill to pass. Now think of the proportion of Reps vs Dems in the House; Reps got the majority by 5 - 10%age pts. Add the variations within each side (meaning higher proportion of Dems now favor this bill than Reps).

    Finally, this could lead to a showdown between Mr. President who is a Rep, & Reps in the House.

    Based on these deductions, I believe this bill will pass unscath or maybe minor bruises to appease Sensenbrener & company. But doesn't common sense also dictate that such provisions could only add (not subtract) to the current EQUILIBRIUM (emphasis mine) of the economy?



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