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Thread: On common ground in a common struggle

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    And why are companies able to get away with treating unskilled employees badly? Because there's a literally unending supply of illegal aliens ready and willing to replace any worker who dares join a union. Same thing goes for "guest workers" such as those in the Senate bill.

    As long as employers can get an endless source of labor at the price they want to pay, there is no reason for them to treat employees better. You have only to look at Wal-Mart to see what happens to low-wage workers who try to unionize. Wal-Mart did away with its butchers who tried to unionize, and closed stores where there was union activity. Ronald Reagan started the job of union-busting with his breaking of the air traffic controllers strike. Illegal aliens have continued the job, and now that pay and conditions in industries such as meat packing are poor, they're realizing they're being taken advantage of but not WHY: their sheer numbers. Legal status is the least of it.

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