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Thread: Citizen/process

  1. #1
    My 2 part question:
    My son is a citizen and he need to file for me, how long does this process take to attain my GC?

    If I get married in between this time will my husband attain his documents at the same time?


  2. #2
    My 2 part question:
    My son is a citizen and he need to file for me, how long does this process take to attain my GC?

    If I get married in between this time will my husband attain his documents at the same time?


  3. #3
    I am so sorry, but I don't understand if my son files for me, you are saying that the process is not a timely matter.

    No he is not a USC ... does that mean if we were to get married before my GC come to be it would take him a longer period of time?

    very confused

  4. #4
    how old is your son? Your son can file for you and it will be very fast, as long as he is eligible to be able to apply for you.

    Its better to use your son than your husband.

  5. #5
    I see.

    Even if you marry your husband now or 10 years from now, your husband cannot get papers at the same tme as you, unless thats his real son or an adopted child ie a child of HIS in the eyes of the law.

    That means you will first get papers and then you sponsor your husband, unless hes is the father of your son.

    Yor son must be over 21 years old to file for your adjustment of status.

  6. #6
    Antifascist1: Your advice is COMPLETELY wrong.

    Marasmus is correct.

    If the U.S. Citizen son files for his mother, she is considered an immediate relative of a USC. Therefore, an immigrant visa is immediately available and the process should be quick.

    If a person is sponsored as an immediate relative, there is no derivative status available. As a result, the (future) husband CANNOT obtain an immigrant visa simply because his (future) wife has obtained one, having been sponsored as an immediate relative.

    Once the (future) wife has obtained Permanent Resident Status, she can sponsor her husband, but the process will take many years.

    Antifascist1: Before you attempt to give advice in the future...and scold others who were, in fact, might want to ensure that the advice that you're giving is CORRECT.

  7. #7
    Antifascist1: Obviously, I'm more of a genius than you are.

    You don't "care much to have a debate." I'm happy to hear're not smart enough to have a debate.

    Siblings of USC can have their spouses accompany them in derivative status because siblings of USC are NOT immediate relatives. Siblings of USC also must wait many years for an immigrant visa, unlike immediate relatives...for whom an immigrant visa is immediately available.

    Immediate relatives of USC cannot have others...even spouses...immigrate in derivative status.

    Do you understand this now???

  8. #8
    I think Antifascist is wrong on this one.

    I hope he will admit to it and apologize for giving wrong info.

  9. #9
    My apologoies for giving a wrong info (I deleted it to eliminate confusion).

    For ONCE you were right !


    FORM I-130

    2. For Whom May You File?

    A. If you are a citizen, you may file this form for:

    1) Your husband, wife or unmarried child under 21 years
    2) Your parent if you are at least 21 years old;
    3) Your unmarried son or daughter over 21 years old;
    4) Your married son or daughter of any age;
    5) Your brother or sister if you are at least 21 years old.


    If your relative qualifies under paragraph A(3), A(4) or A(5)
    above, separate petitions are not required for his or her
    husband or wife or unmarried children under 21 years of age.

    The persons described above under this NOTE will be able to
    apply for an immigrant visa along with your relative.

    FULL TEXT (I-130 instructions) :

    Those instructions are so simple !!

    Good Luck,

  10. #10
    If they are so simple, why did you get it wrong the first time?

    Some people on this board are challenging your keep giving the instances to cite.

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