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Thread: Alien sentenced to life in prison

  1. #1
    What happens if an alien is sentenced to life in prison?

  2. #2
    What happens if an alien is sentenced to life in prison?

  3. #3
    he is sent to prison to serve a life sentence.

  4. #4
    She doesn't get deported to her home country? Why?

  5. #5
    Because she has been sentenced to life.

    Theres a difference between being sentended to life and being deported.

    Being sentenced to life is spending rest of life in prison and being deported is being sent back home.

    Those are 2 very different things.

  6. #6
    I understand that, but what about the standard that criminal aliens are to be deported?

  7. #7
    Then after their life sentence is over - they would be deported. Of course, most people don't outlive their 'life sentences'...

    Of course, the USA also will (and does) hold some aliens indefinatley without even charging them.. Here and abroad...


  8. #8
    Oh yes...

    If you sponsored that alien in - guess who pays the costs of keeping them in prision for life...

    That's right - you... So be very careful and be sure about what you are doing before signing the affidavit of support...


  9. #9
    I just think that is ridiculous!! Why aren't they deported to have their country take care of them? What does the USA get out of this?

  10. #10
    i thought you typically get transferred out to prison of your country of origin after some time they keep you here. at least that's how it works in europe.

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