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Thread: hi help please

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    i been in the country for more than 10 years. i graduated high school, been paying taxes. i came on a tourist visa is there any way i can legalize myself .

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    i been in the country for more than 10 years. i graduated high school, been paying taxes. i came on a tourist visa is there any way i can legalize myself .

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    Do you have a qualifying relative?
    I am not a lawyer! I don't give legal advice! I just state my opinion!

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    what about those lies you told our embassy and border officials when you scammed a tourist visa??? Remember that promise you made to return to your country, not work illegally, etc? Did you pay for your own education? (no) short, you are filth....another visa cheat who only after lying, cheating and/or scamming your way to MY country do you now suddenly wish to be "legal"'s too late...go back to your own country and learn to be a responsible adult instead of a lying visa cheat.

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    Hello Pap

    Thank you for visiting ILW. Aw comeone so12, he was probably a child when his parents brought him/her here. Give a little break 4now4 benefit of the doubt.

    For immediate relief, a marriage to usc will forgive a visa overstay when an adjustment of status is applied for. The marriage cannot be entered for the sole purpose of obtaining a green card benefit.

    If you have any other usc relatives/qualifying relatives, please let us know to further advise you.

    BTW. how did you obtain the soc sec. number to be able to work and pay taxes?

  6. #6
    he stole the else? He could not have obtained a legal SSN while here as a "tourist"...even if the OP was brought here as a child, he/she has the same genetic propensity to lie, cheat and steal that his/her parents have...we don't need more liars, cheats and scam artists...

  7. #7
    Man you're ruthless aren't you someone12.
    Someone comes to look for help and you straight up call them filth. People dont come to this forum be insulted but you obviously come to insult.

  8. #8
    I am glad that I am not "IMU" --people like the OP and his/her family come to America to steal from American take what they cannot have legally...and then they stick their unwashed hands out for more...well, IMU, if you truly believe that our laws are meaningless, by all means, take the OP into YOUR house, pay for his/her college education, let this dirtbag use your car, your house, your bank account.....what's that you say? You lack the fortitude to do so? Then you are not any real supporter of this just want to take me to task because I happen to believe in our laws, in our country and that Americans come first, without exception. The OP is a cheat, a thief and a liar....whether you agree or not is your business, but, you cannot tell me what to post or not....the OP wants even more, even though all of what he/she has obtained so far has been by lies, deceit and thievery....what would you say if this dirtbag stole your identity, ran up thousands in unpaid bills on your credit cards, stole your car and flattened out a couple of pedestrians or ruined other cars, then fled the scene...?????????? Would you wring your hands and weep and whine for this dirtbag or would you be expressing your outrage at the events just described, and be, perhaps, a little less generous with your so called 'support?'

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    Someone12, you add lots of flavor to this board, I always enjoy reading your posts, no kidding

    "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit

  10. #10
    I agree with you what he did is absolutely wrong and unacceptable. Disagreeing with your point was not the purpose of my post. I just don't agree with the manner in which you try to make your point. Insulting someone isn't the correct way to do it. Don't you think calling him filth will make him go back or change his ways. Or just give him the impression that Americans are hateful people.

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