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Thread: Marriage fraud & VAWA

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    It all started when my friends ask me to go to Dominican Republic to have fun and to get away from the states . I have never been out the country before and agreed to take a vacation with them . We landed in Satiago airport in May 2006 and took a taxi to Caberete where we stayed in a villa by the beach . When night came we took a taxi to Sosua to have a few drinks , dance and meet people . We was in a disco where I meet my wife for the first time . I walked toward her and ask did she want to dance and we did . When the song was over we went down stairs where I introduced her to my friends . We took a taxi back to the house and played in the pool . then we went to my room and had *** . In the morning we got up and took a shower and gave her 1500 pasos to go back home . Later on when night came , me and my friends decided to go back to the disco again . I had seen my wife again and she was upset because I was talking to another girl and she left . the third night back at the disco I seen her and talked with her and we decided to go back to the villa . We had *** and in the morning gave her 1500 pesos to get back home. We exchanged numbers before she left . I enjoyed the rest of my stay and left Dominican Republic.I stayed in contack with her while I was in the states . I decided to go back out there by my self to see her in October 2006 . She meet me at the airport and we took a taxi to Sosua where we stayed at a hotel. She showed me all around Sosua and Puerta Plata for 3 days and decided to go to Santiago and stay at her friends house . My wife and her friend showed me all around Santiago . We took plenty of pictures . I left Dominican Republic . I would keep in contact with her and would send her money now and then . We where talking on the phone often where as I had to buy calling cards . I like my wife a lot . In May 2007 went back to Dominican Republic where as my wife and her friend meet me at the airport in Santiago . We stayed at her friend house . Me ,my wife , and her 2 friends was sitting outside talking and drinking beer . One friend ask me if I really like my wife , I should marry her . I asked my wife would she marry me and she said yes . It was then I started to fall in love . My wife went to the store while me , and her friends was talking . When my wife came back she ask me if I like the other girl in an angry manner because her sister over heard the conversation we was having from the window of the girls house saying that the girl said I was beautiful . I was not aware of that at the time because I spook very little Spanish . I told her no and we left it alone . I had to cut my vacation short because she did not realize the dates was wrong on the medical papers and she had to go back to work in Bavoro. I left Santiago. She told me when I get to New York could I send her some money to get back to Bavaro and I said yes . When I got back to New York I called her and she did not pick up . I called her friend and she said my wife was not at her house and she left 3 hours ago . I called her again and she picked up the phone . I asked her where was she and she said that she was at her friends house . I told her that I just talked to her friend and she said that you was not there. I hung up and called her friend back and ask her again " where is she " and she said " she is not here ." I called her back and started yelling at her that she is a lire and how could she do this to me , I really love you . She started to cry and said that her friend was lying and she was in her friends kids room sleeping . So I told her to go to her friends room and put her on the phone . I heard her get up and nock on a door calling her friend but no answer . She said her friend was sleeping . I called her friend one last time and she did not pick up . It was then that I decided that she was telling the truth . I told her that I was sorry and I loved her and I was going to Western Union to send her the money . The next day, I called her friend and she picked up and said that she was not at the house last night . I was calling my wife and her friend back and forth again till she told me that her sister heard her friend and the other girl planning to convense me in staying after my wife go so we all can go to the disco . I decided not to call her friend no more because I loved my wife and thought the story was true . Days after , we talked about getting married and I started the process . I told her I would like to meet the family the next trip out . I made arrangements to go back. I arrived in Santo Domingo for the first time on September 2007 We stayed at her brothers house for one day and went to Azua where she grew up and the rest of her family was . I enjoyed the family and they treated me good . Went back to Santo Domingo a few days later and came back to New York on October 2007 . We talked almost every day on the family and how much we loved each other and I told her I was starting the process for us to be together forever . September 2008 I arrived in Santo Domingo . We stayed at her brother's house for a day and went to Azua and got married. We left Azua and stayed at Santo Domingo for 2 Days . I left Dominican Republic on October 2008 . I was doing all the things I Needed to do because I wanted to give my wife a better life . I wanted her to come to New York and live with me . I went to an agency that helped me with the process of her getting to the states . Went back out to Dominican Republic on May 2009 to help her get her passport and retrieve the necessary papers to bring back to the agency . I left Dominican Republic. We talked everyday . I would tell her that New York is great and she was going to love it and how I already started looking for work for her . I told her after she get settled here we would work on getting the kids here . On January 2010 I went back to Dominican Republic for the appointment to see the counselor . The counselor approved and she was ready to come to the states . Everyone was happy and filled with joy . I left Dominican Republic the next day. When I came back to New York I started looking for a apartment for us to live . I found an apartment in New Jersey . She arrived at JFK airport in March 2010 . I was filled with joy when I seen her . We drove out to the apartment and she was happy with it. I started out slow furnishing the apartment because I was the only one working . I introduced her to a Dominican girl at the gas station. They became friends immediately and I thought that was good because I did not want her to feel alone while I was at work . My wife became good friends with the girl's mother and sister . Everything was good and we would do lots of things as I would slowly furnish the apartment . I paid for English classes for her so she can get a better job . My family loved my wife and helped her in anyway they could . I knew she was feeling lonely because her kids and family was in Dominican Republic . In the past I asked her did she know anyone in New York and she said no but when she got here she said she had a friend in the Bronx who was from her neighborhood in Santo Domingo and a friend in Boston . We would go back and forth to the Bronx and see her friend . While over there we would listen to music , drink beer , dance and have a good time . They would invite us to cookouts and spend one day at Coney Island . When it was nice out I would drop of my wife in the Bronx and go for a ride on my motorcycle . She started getting jealous because she thought I would be riding other females but I wasn't . It took a while for her to get comfortable on the motorcycle but I really think she did not like it . During the summer she got a job at a restaurant as an order taker. She worked their for a few months and was fired because she was late one day . Towards the end of the summer she got a job at a bar where she prepared food for the customers . My wife worked one week and went on workers comp because she injured her hand on the slicer . She slowly stopped going over her friends mother house because she was upset that they did not come see her when she was hurt and always complained about going over their house and them not coming to her house . she learned how to take the bus to see her friend in the Bronx and was going often . I started seeing changes in her attitude around the 2 year anniversary of our marriage and started to have weird feelings about her in October . She had brought a camera. One day I seen a picture of her friend's sister baby father . I asked her 2 days later if I can download the pictures from the camera because there was some picture of me in it . When I downloaded the pictures his picture was deleted . I started to suspect something and I started to monitor her phone . Every night when I come home from work I would check her phone while she's sleep with the phone records on the computer . She was not aware that by me paying her phone bill on line , I would have access to her records . I notice that there was lots of numbers being deleted from her phone and one of the numbers was her friend sister baby father. The next day I asked her when the last time she talk to him and she responded " who ?" Then I told her you friend sister baby father. She told me she did not trust them over there anymore and have not spoken to him in a while where as I can see from the records that she would talk to him everyday from 20 minutes to 1 hour . This been going on for about three months. After Thanksgiving I decided to buy a recorder for home security . On the day of the incedent in December I had got up and got ready for work. I asked if I can use the phone and I called my cousin . Walked out the door to check the mail and came back . I opened the door and ended the call with my cousin plus deleting his number from the call history . When I gave the phone back to her she started screaming " who the **** you talking to , who the **** you talking to , you other chica , you other chica " and started to punch me in the face numerous times . I move backwards as I was trying to avoid getting hit in the face I grabbed her by the wrist and put her hands by her hips . I told her to stop hitting me and that I have to go to work . She sad no and started to grab on my jacket . I ****ed away from her and tried to get to the door . she was holding on the handle and would not let me out . I took the phone of the table and told her I was calling the police . She took the phone out of my hands and started punching me in the face again . I finally made it out the door but realized that I needed my laptop . When I opened the door the chain was on . I asked her politely to open the door . It took a minute and she did . I was getting the laptop she was trying to talk to me but I told her that we would talk when I get home from work . She started throwing punches at me again and I defended myself by catching her by the wrist and restrained her on the bed . I grabbed the laptop and walked out the door . she came in the hallway and said "you don't love me anymore , you don't love me anymore " I told her that I love her but she does not love me . she told me to kiss her and I gave her a peck on the lips and walked away . When I came home from work she had the chain on the door . I asked her to open the door but she wouldn't I told her that I was calling the police and walked to my car in the back lot as I pulled out I seen 2 cop cars in the front of the building . I drove down the street and came back into the parking lot across the street from my building where they ran across and arrested me. I was in jail till my father bailed me out at around 11pm . I went home and had the home security tape translated to me and found out that she planned the whole thing from when we first meet in Sosua . I found out that she was a prostitute when she meet me and while I was her in New York she would prostitute in Bavaro . On the video I hear her talking to another man stating that she was here in New York alone . I hear her telling someone that someone told her to grab her purse and run out in the street screaming for the police so I can get arrested and do not do it until I furnish the apartment so that everything would be hers because we was legally married . After hearing all this broke my heart and I have been crying everyday because I loved her and her family and I thought she loved me to .

    How can I fight this so she can not get away with what she has done to me ? She dropped her restraining order maybe for the fear of getting caught in lies . I overheard her talking about immagration on the phone before she dropped it . She has a conditional green card wich was received in March 2010 . Trying to get a devorce on fraud . Sent the video to USCIS fraud department with a certified translation . Can someone help me on finding a way to get out of this mess please .

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    Hi Derrick and welcome,

    First, you should edit your post and remove the personal details you included.

    You should consult with a reputable attorney to determine your course of action. It does seem like you were set up, but you need to discuss this with a professional who is better equipped to give guidance.

    Good luck to you.

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    I agree with Proudie. You need to remove the personal details from your story.

    I'll hazard a guess that on the I-485 form she didn't answer yes to the question about having ever been a prostitute? If so, she's already lied to the US Government and it's all downhill for her from there despite a possible VAWA application on her part. You have already sent the video to the USCIS so she'll be on their fraud watchlist. There's really not much else for you to do immigration-wise. Let the USCIS do it's job.

    As for you personally, file for divorce or annulment if you can do it. Chalk it up to experience and move on. Good luck.
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."

  4. #4
    I agree, Derrick you need to remove personal details and anything that reveals your identity or hers.

    Regarding the spy cam, unfortunately that may cause you some trouble. Someone in similar situation as you made a recording and the Police told them they could be arrested if they wanted to submit it for evidence, as it is illegal to tape ones conversation without their knowledge.

    Maybe some States allow it, I don't know, USCIS may accept it. Someone with more knowledge about it on here may be able to say for sure.

    You need an attorney as mentioned above. At least talk to one and find out what you can do.
    There are support groups that are for those that have/are in your situation they may have suggestions that even attorneys don't always mention.

    Here is one I know of:

    Marriage fraud

    Good luck to you
    God Bless America - God Bless Immigrants - God Bless Poor Misguided Souls Too

    National Domestic Violence Hotline:
    1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.

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    this is a typical 3rd world soap opera. Dominicans are all criminals, all of them, it's part of their sub culture, they are nasty, ignorant, illiterate, dirty apes. In NY they have multiplied like there's no tomorrow, over a million of them in less than three years. No wonder Obama placed that cesspool of a country in the black list. Go back to prison where you belong.

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    This is what happens when people think with their tiny little ambercrumbly instead of their almost as tiny brains....

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    I thank everyone for there help. I have talked to a good friend who's wife is close friends with an immagration agent her in New Jersey . After speaking with him for 2 hours he said that I do not have nothing to worry about that it defenitly fraud and I did the right thing by sending the evidence to the fraud department . he said it would go in her file along with the police report of assult and the warrent plus the restraining order. he stated that there is a ring going on over there and USCIS is cracking down on it. I gave him the info on her and the case number from ICE but he could not find anything. I read one post that sayed sometimes the evidence does not reach her file if she already did VAWA. The agent said do not worry about VAWA because once it is fraud, VAWA can not protect her. I hope he is right and the lady at USCIS level 2 also said the same. He is almost certain that she will get deported. My devorce lawyer is saying the same because she does immagration law also. My divorve lawyer and the agent is my only hope in winning this in full.

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    It sounds like you are on the road to recovery. It's quite useful you have a lawyer who deals with both divorce and immigration.
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."

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    To OP:

    Contact the Papish the Savior (aka as Mr Malik Papish, Esq.) , who also happens to be a founder of the Church of Brown Salvation of Reverend Malik Papish.

    As you know there is no immigrant (especially if not of KKK looking ethnicity) who would ever think of entering a marriage with the purpose of REALLY getting MARRIED.
    MARRIAGE is something that is reserved for , contemplated and consumed by Southern Jesus freaks and look alikes ONLY.
    If you aren't looking like one o'em Jesus freaks then you must be guilty of marriage fraud by default.

    So, you need someone who can properly fix it fer ya , knowing you are a Brown Fraudster and that all o'em brown people and non-Southern-Jesus-freak lookalikes are of course. And i can't think of anyone who could do a better job fer ya than Mr Malik Papish.

    So, there ya go...


    Immigration Attorney Malik Papish, Esq.

    Immigration Attorney Malik Papish has dedicated himself to the practice of USA Immigration Law. He handles all types of immigration cases on behalf of immigrants desiring to become lawful residents of the United States. Atty. Papish has distinguished academic credentials. He graduated in the top 90 percent of his undergraduate class of Maneklal Nanavati Law College, Laldarwaja, Ahmedabad at the Gujarat University. Attorney Papish has worked in the entertainment industry for the past ten years and specializes in immigration issues for the entertainment industry among others. He has represented numerous celebrities from the Bollywood including Sushmita Sen. Malik Papish's dedication to his clients has earned him a reputation as one of the top entertainment immigration attorneys in the United States.

    Malik Papish's clients include numerous A-list celebrities in Bollywood today. Malik Paish Clients have starred in such huge Bollywood Blockbusters as Mehb.oob Mere from Fiza (2000), Letters of Shukrijuma (1995), Her lover Sheshi Kapur (1992) and many more. Additionally he has represented platinum selling music artists from major record labels such as Eshki-Muhabbet Records, Taj Mahal Records, Maverick and more. These talented musicians not only produced hit al***s, but have created music for such hit TV shows as CSI:NY, CSI:Las Vegas, India's Next Top Model, Pimp My Ride, Shushmita Sen's Dance Life, Big Brother and many more. Malik Papish has also helped many janitors, busboys, taxi cab drivers, doctors and even television actors appearing episodically in shows such as CSI, Young and the Restless, The Ghost Whisperer and too many others to list.


    Law Offices of Malik Papish & Associates are proud to be the immigration attorneys for those who need professional legal advice.

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    "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit

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