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Thread: ALERT!!! The House passes a dangerous Anti legal immigration bill

  1. #21
    No, my reference to retroactivity is not related to the DUI issue. Once convicted, deal with it.

  2. #22
    Yes but what about the MOB's?

  3. #23
    OK, I agree with the DUI issue, but what about the judicial review and section 609?

  4. #24
    Problems with the bill don't end with judicial review. There's a lot more to consider when it comes to this bill. It criminalizes conduct that, at present time, is not criminal. Therefore, a U.S. citizen who helps an 'out of status' immediate relative could be render a felon, even when such conduct is now allowed and encouraged by USCIS. Also, keep in mind that such retroactivity could trigger the same legal issues that came about when relief under 212(c) was canceled.

  5. #25
    Houston, let me apologize to you my friend for the harsh words I voiced against you last night. I guess I was just mad and outraged altogether at this new bill which really if passed, would destroy everything I worked for during the last three years to complete my military naturalization case. I hope you will accept my apologies.

  6. #26
    I'm not here to be "accepted" or "liked", just to voice my opinion on issues I believe are important. You were as well expressing your thoughts and therefore you don't need to apologize to me. It's a debate, a "discussion", and tempers heat up sometimes.

  7. #27
    I have a question about the DUI issue. I thought that a third offense of DUI was considered to be a felony already, even for citizens. I thought it was part of the 3 strikes, your out! I agree that a first offense should be considered a felony for everyone.

  8. #28
    In some states DUI is still a misdemeanor for a 3rd offense. In any case, even a felony DUI is not an crime of violence and therefore not an AF under current law. Here's the issue, the new bill calls for a 3rd DUI an automatic deportable offense as AF, all the arguments that the court of appeals have had on this very issue would become just "talk" now, a 3rd DUI would be a deportable crime. In any case, if you DUI 3 times, you have no intent to change your ways and you should be sent back.

  9. #29
    anyone that has 3 DUIs surely doesnt respect this country or the laws and should be deported. Just as citizens should be jailed.

  10. #30
    Wooddell6, how will you punish a US born citizen who has 3 or more DUIs? Only by throwing them into the prisons? Natuarlized citizens are also equal citizens. The only difference is they're not born in this country. How can you just deport them to any other countries? A person who has 3 or more DUI is as American as a US born citizen. If both of them are drunkyards, they need to be punish equally.

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