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Thread: ALERT!!! The House passes a dangerous Anti legal immigration bill

  1. #11
    you'll be surprised Michael. That's why before you support a bill, you must study it. People tend to introduce shady amendments in all kind of bills.

  2. #12
    I decided to delete my other posting related to this now famous bill, I have read the bill completely and it does not appear to be so frickin bad after all. It does have some tough to swallow arguments but other than that, it just calls for cooperation and enforcement of current laws.

  3. #13
    OK, just go to sleep man. You seem to be a weak human being. Just because Michael and others opposed your opinion, and because you could not stand up for yourself, now you are changing your mind, and not only that, you deleted your previous arguments.. Weak people like you make me sick. They are the cancer of Democracy and civilization.

    I am sorry to be harsh, but your actions were disgusting.

  4. #14
    I stand by what I said, racism is immoral and degrading. However, you're now upset because I don't agree completely with your point of view. I had a chance to review the bill and I admit it has many areas that need to be re-evaluated. But all things considered, the bill does have some valid points, that's what I implied.
    I consider and tolerate everybody's opinion, I don't care if they call me names or think I'm weak, this is what this country is all about.

  5. #15
    Nobody is calling you names. You are just a weak person. How could you revise the bill in less than a day and come up with the "genius" conclusion that it is a good one.

    Is making a DUI a felony a good measure for you? Does blocking judicial review sound like a good measure to you? You mess with Judicial review and you mess with me. Don't come here and tell me this is a good measure.

  6. #16
    I agree with Houston.

  7. #17
    So take action and ask for those xenophobic provisions to be changed.

  8. #18
    DUI IS a felony; have your child killed and wife maimed by a drunk driver and tell me it is a harmless crime !! In most countries, DUI gets the death penalty. DUI should be tortured, shot and deported !


  9. #19
    You can say I'm a weak person. You can say I'm anything you want, it's your point of view and I respect it. When it comes to the DUI issue, a third DUI is a complete disregard for the law, it does NOT call for a first DUI to be a deportable offense like you mentioned. I agree, a third DUI should be a deportable offense, how many chances should you get? Also, the main problem I see with the bill so far, other than the issues I already mentioned, is retroactivity. You should never be found guilty of an offense you committed when such offense was not considered criminal. This could take the courts back to the late 90's when they had to decide on section 212(c) and the relief it provided. I never said it was a good bill, it needs word, and that's what the senate should do. The bill is not approved yet.

  10. #20
    ONE DUI should be sufficient to be deported; why should someone have to DIE because some GRINT can't control his liquor? HOUSTON - No one is being found guilty retroactively; they have already been CONVICTED of DUI so there is no issue here. DEPORTATION IS NOT PUNISHMENT and does not require a trial nor is it subject to retroactivity issues. They are common sensically deporting drunks that murder our little children.

    But the critical issue is if it effects MOB's. How can we get MOB's into the country more quickly?

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