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Thread: ALERT!!! The House passes a dangerous Anti legal immigration bill

  1. #31
    The issue is the retroactive nature of the bill. A non-citizen who entered a plea of guilty believing that it wouldn't carry no immigration consequences and was so advised by counsel, would now face removal. It's a legal matter that could flood the district courts and possibly the courts of appeal.
    A non citizen who commits a 3rd DUI 'after' the passage of the bill would have no grounds to appeal or any excuse to claim any relief whatsoever cause the conduct is consider "willingly".

  2. #32
    That's true. Naturalized Citizens cannot be deported. They can be denaturalized if they lied on their application or if they hid a material fact that would render them inadmissible to United States Citizenship, but it's rare and only happens in the case of dangerous criminals, terrorists and Nazi collaborators. Otherwise they are immune from deportation.

    I didn't know the bill rendered THREE DUI offenses deportable. I thought it was only for the first offense. I agree, 3 DUI offenses mean that the person has a serious problem and stupendous disrespect for the law and other people's safety and lives. It also means the person got caught only three times, while probably he or she has been driving under the influence on daily basis.

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    Publicus, the "one DUI" amendment was offered as but not considered. At least, there's no report on such action whatsoever.

  4. #34
    Originally posted by Houston:
    I'm not here to be "accepted" or "liked", just to voice my opinion on issues I believe are important. You were as well expressing your thoughts and therefore you don't need to apologize to me. It's a debate, a "discussion", and tempers heat up sometimes.
    Who said it first, me or you, IP? It was me you copied all along. Talking about being obsessed. And copying/pasting. I copied the entire sprint persona and molded her into sky, but you copied and pasted me. You do need to apologize.

  5. #35
    Playing a game here trying to insinuate I'm you? Is that it?


    I'm nobody else here and I've no intention to play games. You, whoever you are, obviously need this to have a life. Pathetic, pulling posts from 5 years ago... nothing better to do?

    If you have some "axe to grind" with somebody else fine, just leave me out. I got a pretty good idea who you are, no real surprise there... Just more of the same.

    I still don't understand why the moderators here don't put an end to these duplicate ID games.

    If anybody falls for this c.rap then it'll be their own fault; this will never end as long as there's people willing to play. I don't have and DO NOT want to have any association with ANYBODY here. I'm not the one using multiple IDs either. Clear enough? I sure hope so.

    Your post has been reported and I hope this time there's some sort of action to stop this nonsense. I'm sick and tired of this little web site and the games being played here.

    Sam, what does it take for you or anybody at ILW to take some action to stop this harassment? Why don't you expose here these duplicate IDs once and for all??? End this, just post who's who and get it over with, publicly, for all to see. No private information needs to be exposed, but you can end this multiple ID game very easily and that needs to happen now!

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    HR 2477 was from 2006, and it didn't pass.

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    Thanks, Is always great to see the crazy ongoing sequel to the previous crazy, LOL. Keep up the good work
    USC and Legal, Honest Immigrant Alike Must Fight Against Those That Deceive and Disrupt A Place Of Desirability! All Are Victims of Fraud, Both USC and Honest Immigrant Alike! The bad can and does make it more difficult for the good! Be careful who y

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