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Thread: ALERT!!! The House passes a dangerous Anti legal immigration bill

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    ALERT!!! The House passes a dangerous Anti legal immigration bill

    It is called H.R. 4437 and would strip the courts of much of their remaining jurisdiction over immigration matters; gut the due process rights of aliens, permanent residents and United States citizens; expand expedited removal; broaden the definition of alien smuggling to include churches, employers, family members, and immigrant advocates; expand the definition of aggravated felony; create new grounds of deportability and inadmissibility; increase mandatory detention; militarize the border; and place limitations on eligibility for naturalization.

    In addition, lawmakers approved a number of amendments during floor consideration of the measure, making the end product even more egregious than the initial base bill. Among these include:

    # an amendment to eliminate the diversity visa lottery
    # a manager's amendment that, among other things, eliminates judicial review of arbitrary denials of motions to reopen and makes misuse of passports or travel documents an aggravated felony even if committed by a refugee or a victim of domestic violence or trafficking
    # an amendment giving state and local law enforcement officials the "inherent authority" to enforce civil immigration laws (the CLEAR Act revisited)
    # an amendment withholding grant funds from state and local governments that maintain a policy of protecting the confidentiality of immigrants
    # an amendment approving construction of more border fencing
    # an amendment rendering a single DUI conviction a deportable offense
    # an amendment vesting USCIS with law enforcement powers over certain investigations, and allowing the Office of Security and Investigations to engage in data-mining of DHS databases
    # an amendment further increasing penalties for document fraud, crimes of violence and drug trafficking offenses
    H.R. 4437 is a disappointing, disastrous measure for both immigrants and U.S. citizens alike, and AILA ( will be working closely with the Senate, once Congress reconvenes in January, to craft a reasoned and sensible approach to fixing our broken immigration system"”an approach that offers an opportunity for success. H.R. 4437 offers no such opportunity.

    In the meantime, use Contact Congress to send a letter to your Representative, either thanking him or her for voting against H.R. 4437, or expressing your disappointment for his or her vote in support of the measure. The vote tallies will be posted to Contact Congress soon.

    Click on this link and take Action to stop this mascarade.
    For updates and advice on how to protect your future, visit

    The Diversity Program is gone. What's next? H-1 visas maybe? Get to work and write your Senator.

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    The House of Representatives deserves a well-earned round of applause. It's about time that America regained control over its borders, and reasserted its sovereignty.

    The United States encourages legal immigration. Millions of people patiently wait in line until they are able to immigrate legally. The American people are fed up with illegal aliens...those who routinely ignore America's laws and disregard its sovereignty.

    The American people (and legal immigrants) are against amnesty for lawbreakers.

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    Publicus: You really need to check your facts. Many of your assertions are incorrect.

    Furthermore, a law that impacts illegal immigrants has no bearing on American citizens (unless they are married to illegal aliens). The status of U.S. citizens is, by definition, unaffected by immigration law.

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    Sir, I was talking about naturalized Citizens, not naturally born Americans. I was also talking about those who are waiting for their citizenship.

    I served in the US Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom, but because I was born in the wrong place, USCIS is holding my case for over three years now. I got fed up and filed a lawsuit last summer. I used a law that gives the courts the right to decide a case if it is stalled for a long time (mainly over 120 days after the interview). Now the House changed the law, and the code that my lawsuit was filed under, was completely changed. The new code literally say USCIS can take whatever time it wants to complete a case, and the court has no power to argue that. Now tell me, does this fix illegal immigration? It has nothing to do with illegal immigration. Why was it then hidden in the bill?

    I am against illegal immigration, but this is too much. This is stepping on those of us who not only respected the laws of the US, but protected them with their blood and sweat. I beg of you to petition your Senator to change those sections that make it harder on us legal immigrants to gain US citizenship. Especially INA 336 (b).

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    Publicus: Thank you for your service to America.

    The law has not been changed. The House of Representatives passed legislation that will now be considered by the United States Senate. Should the Senate be smart enough to pass similar legislation...and the President signs same into law...then, the law will be be changed.

    Until this happens, the current law - unfortunately - remains in effect.

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    Sun, it was my pleasure to serve in the US military. It is the best thing I've done in my life so far, and I am sooooooooooo proud of my service. That's why I mention it so often. I am a proud US veteran and I would do it again and again if my country calls me back or if I sense that my services are needed.

    I just hope that the Senate will be wiser (usually it is), and pass those laws which are necessary for the safety of the American public, but refute those who have nothing to do with National Security. Such as this act (Title 8 of the US Code):
    "(b) Request for hearing before district court
    If there is a failure to make a determination under section 1446 of this title before the end of the 120-day period after the date on which the examination is conducted under such section, the applicant may apply to the United States district court for the district in which the applicant resides for a hearing on the matter. Such court has jurisdiction over the matter and may either determine the matter or remand the matter, with appropriate instructions, to the Service to determine the matter."

    Which was amended to this:

    "(b) If there is a failure to render a final administrative decision under section 335 before the end of the 180-day period after the date on which the Secretary of Homeland Security completes all examinations and interviews conducted under such section, as such terms are defined by the Secretary pursuant to regulations, the applicant may apply to the district court for the district in which the applicant resides for a hearing on the matter. Such court shall only have jurisdiction to review the basis for delay and remand the matter to the Secretary for the Secretary's determination on the application."

    This code allows USCIS to act like God. If they hate you, they can argue that ALL EXAMINATIONS are not completed. That they need a second interview, and a third one, and fourth one...etc
    That's the danger. Being the lazy bureaucrats they are, they will abuse this act.

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    I contacted my Congressman, J.D. Hayworth (R-Arizona), to indicate my support for stricter immigration enforcement. The legislation that passed the House of Representatives is a good first step...but more needs to be done.

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    Did you express your opposition to the provisions that limit due process and access to judicial review. My frind Sun, this is the heart of our democracy. The system of Checks and Balances. Section 609 of the Bill will kill this system in the case of naturalization applications. You see, all of us want immigrants to integrate the American society as soon as possible, and what is the best way to do that: It is Naturalization.

    Remember this one has nothing to do with illegal immigration. Please write him back and ask him to oppose this section. Thank you very much.

    Here is the text of sect. 609:

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    MOST IMPORTANTLY: How does this affect mail order brides?

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