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Thread: Jobs Thieves

  1. #1
    Are immigrants illegal or legal stealing jobs from American ?

  2. #2
    Are immigrants illegal or legal stealing jobs from American ?

  3. #3
    Well u don't worry soon they will become citizens, as u did. Take a chill pill, n stop whining for ur failures.

  4. #4
    mostly illegals are stealing jobs, using phony SSNs or by accepting pay that is far less than an American woudl receive, they pay NO taxes, scam every kind of public benefit known to mankind and whine like shorn sheep anytime they think they are being singled out for the lowlife slime that they are....

  5. #5
    Someone12, y u think illegals are stealing jobs, not legal ? I have worked at fastfood restaurants and I hardly see any American ( by American i mean ethnicity and race caucasian )applying for dishwashing, housekeeping, etc etc.

  6. #6
    The answer is no. Move to AZ. I hear they love racist trolls like yourself there.
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."

  7. #7
    Here's a real life example which I have told before. In the condo where I live all employees are legal US citizens. However, the groundskeeper is a mexican, 30, ilegally in the U.S. and according to him has been in the country since he was 11. He does not speak English and when I asked him why hasn't he learned, he gave me the usual mexican response: "Why should I?" This f.a.i.r.y. gets a beautiful apt., all utilities, cable tv, insurance for free. He's supposed to work 40hrs a week, however, he sneaks out and works maybe 30, especially now that the World Cup is going on. I reported him to ICE, we'll see how long it takes them to get him deported. In the meantime, a Marine friend of mine, has been looking for a job for 2 mos. on a daily basis, rain or shine, but he has a problem: he's white, highly educated, knowledgeable, dependable, etc etc etc. Good to hear from you Someone12.

  8. #8
    Brit, i m not racist. I am also non-white immigrant. But, I am very upset watching TV like CNN, FOX, NPR Radio which they loudly raise voice illegal/immigrants are stealing jobs from American.

  9. #9
    Another real life case. A certain family committed an embezzlement in their own country and so they came here as 'tourists' in 1995. They are still here. The children got free education, health care, etc. Both parents work, they have phony ss cards, they drive w/o licenses, you name it, they do it. GO ARIZONA!!!

  10. #10
    The mexican f.a.i.r.y. mentioned above, get $1,000 a month tax free since he has no documents.

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