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  1. #1
    So much for these ingrates who burned and peed on our flag

  2. #2
    So much for these ingrates who burned and peed on our flag

  3. #3
    Im not included in your accusations. Im a bearer of this flag, and I lived in the US from 99 till June of last year. That made me see how strong this country is and how important we, immigrants, are for It.

  4. #4
    You're right, IMMIGRANTS are important to us, but ILLEGAL ALIENS are not. Were illegal aliens to get "legalized" you can bet we'd see even more disrespect for law, order, and fair play--disrespect which we also see in certain high officials who are in the pocket of corporations and special interests.

  5. #5
    I still would've like to see some type of enforcement bills being passed though. Gotta do something with the broken borders...

  6. #6
    True, Marm. But there is nothing, IF this Administration so wishes, to prevent seeing that the existing laws start getting enforced. It could start by figuring out what to do about the hundreds of thousands here on TPS, other than continually renewing that status and hoping for amnesty. It already has records for them. It could start by working for secure social security cards--if my credit card company can manage the database, why can't SS? It could start by rolling out the "pilot" employer verification program. It could start by working for cooperation among agencies, federal with federal and state with federal. It, most importantly, could start by having the President announce, loudly and publicly, that we are not going to tolerate illegal immigration, and that our immigration laws will be enforced. I can't help but think that that latter would send Bush's approval ratings way up.

  7. #7
    Yep, prevent SSN fraud.

    Providing employers with an easy means to verify SSN's would be a first step. If employers had a quick way to verify work document then the "I couldn't tell" excuse would be gone. Real employer fines would slow the flow. We'd see fewer coming or overstaying for work. Dealing with those already here would easier.

    Turn off the spigot, dry up the flow.

  8. #8

  9. #9
    True Aliba, but enforcing the current system doesn't have the same bang with "FULLY COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM", and that's what politicians wants (or don't want, I've no idea anymore).
    I still think a stricter border control and immigration enforcement is a must to fix the problem. Right now we've 12 millions of illegals and growing. By the time the senate/house ready to tackle this problem again, I won't be surprised if they have double the number of illegals.

  10. #10
    you better believe that more people in mexico will try to rush to the border now that the immigration debate has been delayed so this would give them more time to think about where there are going to cross the border " should we cross the border in arizona or texas?"..there will cross where ever there is less agents and barriere.

    what a big mess..i just cant believed those guy delayed this stuff and are going on vacation for 2 F U C K I N G about those lawmakers give up their 2 weeks and stay their A S S in washington to work things out..those lawmakers arent sweating so why should they get vacation time?? we have a very important issue in our country and those guys going to spring break whyle our border are still open and 12 millions people are still living in the shadow open for exploitation from everyone that wants to squeeze money out of them??

    this is discusting.. F U C K harry reid and F U C K kyl they can all go to and democrats.

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