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Thread: employment green card

  1. #1
    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to get gc through employment. I am out of status right now in US and my lawyer told me that I would have to go outside US for my interview. What are my chances of getting GC???
    I have employer and job ready for me.

    let me know, plz.

  2. #2
    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to get gc through employment. I am out of status right now in US and my lawyer told me that I would have to go outside US for my interview. What are my chances of getting GC???
    I have employer and job ready for me.

    let me know, plz.

  3. #3
    Hi Marinukas,

    You haven't shared very much of your story, but, your lawyer is probably correct since you are currently out of status here in the US.

  4. #4
    ok, more info.
    I came to US as a nanny on J-1 visa, family that I worked for just loved me and they offered to send me to school after the year ended of my J-1 visa. I got F-1 visa and went to school for 2 years, and after the school I started working at the office for the same ymployer. then applied for H1-B visa and got a denial because I dont have BA. they we got an attorney that took my case and it's lasting 4 years already and ever since I finished school I stayed so called illegally because I was waiting for CG which is taking such a lng time.

    let me know what you think.

    really need help

  5. #5
    Hello Marinukas,

    If you qualified under 245i an adjustment application might have been possible here in the U.S. if you met the relevant qualifications,but the lawyer appears to be right as you don't qualify for the relief.

  6. #6
    Marinukas: First...there's no such thing as remaining in the country "so called illegally."

    Given that you're in the country illegally, the chances of you obtaining a green card through employment are ZERO.

    Your lawyer is correct in saying that any application for an employment-related green card would need to be processed in your country of origin...however, because you have overstayed your period of authorized stay in America, your application would automatically be denied.

  7. #7
    marinukas, lisetning to sundevilusa's advise is disaster bcoz he doesn't know his head from his toes, your chances of getting green card are 100% if you get married, if you leave the country you will be denied and you will need to file a waiver and i assume they will deny your waiver as well bcoz you dont have any grounds to come back. no hardship no nothing . but the over staying part will go away if you get married, you been long enough in the u.s and i'm sure you know some u.s citizen friends, get married and file for adjustment of status and the fact you entered on avalid visa then you are eligeble to get a green card and forget about this f-1 and j-1 stuff, this is not for you now, congrat in adnavce

  8. #8
    Well, Mike_2007 is such an expert on American immigration law that he isn't even allowed to return from Mexico...and it will be another 2007 years until he's allowed back into America...hence his screen name.

    Also, Mike is too stupid to know the difference between advise and advice...but what do you expect from an illiterate?

  9. #9
    well first of all , yes i'm an expert on the immigration law like it or not, and you need 2008 years to learn what i have forgot 10 years ago, you'r a big loser who hates everyone bcoz you were not welcome in the u.s you trash american wanna be . dont talk about mike_2007 bcoz you dont know mike , and i asked you a question long time ago and you never respond to that question, have you ever got slapped 300 times on the same cheek? talking is cheap tough boy but i can tell you this, you'r lucky that your not saying it to my face, oh man , i dont even wanna think about it , bcoz you will be just a victim ,stay away from mike tough boy

  10. #10
    Well, Mike, I didn't realize that you were upset that I didn't respond to your question...but, I thought that you knew that you aren't my type, and that we wouldn't be good together. I'm sorry that my rejection hurt your feelings...but that's life sometimes.

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