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Thread: Since the senate is for illegals and the house is against, who has more power?

  1. #1
    I thought both the house and the senate has to agree on a law for it to become law?

    Can the senate make up a law on its own, without the house of reps acceding?

    If not, why the excitement with what the senate is debating, yet the house may not approve?

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    I thought both the house and the senate has to agree on a law for it to become law?

    Can the senate make up a law on its own, without the house of reps acceding?

    If not, why the excitement with what the senate is debating, yet the house may not approve?

  3. #3
    The Senate is the deliberative body of Congress and is more tied to the elitists who run this country. It is referred to as the "Rich boys" club and wields more power than the more grassroots House of Reps. Reps are bound and are mainly concerned with appeasing their districs while Senators represent an entire state. It is a normally accepted fact that the Senate usually gets what it wants.

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    The Specter bill and its addendum/revison the Hagel/Martinez proposal must be reconciled with the House bill.

    If the bill comes out of the Senate as expected and has the backing of the President, folks in the House will be hard pressed NOT to work towards reconciliation. Senators are already working with the house to ensure that any bill that passes the Senate has a strong chance at reconciliation.

    IMHO, House members are more vulnearable to IMMEDIATE pressure from the electorate, but these are all elected officials working in an election year.

    The American public wants SOMETHING done. Either way SOMETHING is gonna get done

  5. #5
    I think most Americans are against illegals being allowed to stay. Most want them sent back home.

    I think more illegals will flow into the US and wait the next amnesty to be given.
    Those who came after the 1986 amnesty are finally being rewarded.

    I think any immigrant who comes and tries to get a green card legally is a fool and the US government is busy conveying that message as we speak.

    The best and easiest way is to sneak in and just wait for the next amnesty or come on a visa and overstay. Its that simple.

  6. #6
    Hopefully this won't be the case Marasmus. I hope the get the biometric ID's out and the Employment Verification system up and running so we don't have to deal with this mess again.

  7. #7
    The senate is the most respected body in the world, so whatever the senate passes, the house goes along, specially when you have the G.O.P controlling both houses, which means you can not have g.o.p in the senate supporting something whyle g.o.p in the house support something else..They have the democrats to fight, so it would look terrible if they are caught fighting against each other.

    The fact that the G.O.P controlls both houses makes it 99.9% sure that the house will not reject the senate new immigration bill..This bill that is being passed by the senate is not a democratic bill, it is a bill supported by the g.o.p majority leader and most republicans..This facts alone, will push the house, which is also controll by G.O.P, to not filubuster the bill.

    There is only a small number of opposition to the senates bill, and im predicting that the senate bill will put huge pressure on this group and most house republicans to vote for the bill because their party leader, the president and the RNC, which is the umbrella for all G.O.P members, support the amnesty.

  8. #8
    It does not look like "amnesty" to me.

  9. #9
    If you look at House-Senate conference reports of past several years , you will notice: House gets what it wanted in the first place by
    a) passing a Bill demanding way too much of something,( while Senate passes fairly reasonable Bills),
    b) then it "negotiates" between what it has already passed and what Senate has.

    As long as Democrats don't capture at least one chamber of Congress, there won't be no comprehensive immigration reform.

  10. #10
    Immortale- you are always said only enforcemnt-only would pass, but seems like everything have flipped and now, even the house aremt defending enforcement-only,and even house majority leader was stated has saying he would consider the comprehensive bill.

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