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Thread: Work Authorisation wait time

  1. #1
    I recently applied for my employment authorisation based on my AOS, marrage to US citizen, i came in on a K-1 Visa, is there anyway to speed up the 90 day wait period? I applied in Chicago

  2. #2
    Chicago takes 90 days for Work Authorization Approval. Which means the 91st day rule applies if you haven't heard anything from the BCIS upto 90 days, and get your approval from your local district office.


  3. #3
    I wouldnt worry so much. It took mine 35days to be exact in CA state. You will have it sooner than you know it. Marriage to a USC is the fastest process...

  4. #4
    If you sit and wait in Washington DC, it will take at least 4 -5 months. However, if you make an effort, you can get it ready on the 91st day. Hope Chicago is more efficient!

  5. #5
    In WA state, it took a friend of mine about 3 weeks because he applied at the center in Nebraska. Another friend who was able to go to the local office because he was adjusting status through marriage, got his EAD the same day he submitted I-485.

  6. #6
    Does anybody have a clue how long it takes in NYC. I have been waiting almost 6 months.

  7. #7
    I'm in WA, i've been waiting 5 weeks, no answer yet just receipt letter

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