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Thread: Good lawyer at law in Chicago

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    Hello! Could anyone recommend me a good lawyer in Chicago ,who works on immigration,and student visas in particular?( I have to change from B-2 on F-1) Thanks in advance.

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    Hello! Could anyone recommend me a good lawyer in Chicago ,who works on immigration,and student visas in particular?( I have to change from B-2 on F-1) Thanks in advance.

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    just some change from B-2 to F-1, you have to apply to a school, they issue you an I-20, which you take with you to your home country and there you apply at the embassy for an cannot be done from the US

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    You can apply for change of status from B-1/B-2 to F-1.
    You will need school issued I-20ID and I-539.
    Must submit before your current status expires.
    If denied you will have 60 days to leave the country.
    If approved you can remain for D/S.
    If/when you leave US you will need a new Visa to visit US again.
    At that time State Dept. may deny your visa application because yo extended/changed your status while in US.
    While it is not violation of INA (getting extension/change of status in US), yet it certainly makes it appear that you may wish to stay longer again or become a LPR next time you visit States.

    You don't really need a lawyer for change of status( I-539) , but you may hire one just to make sure you don't miss something.

    CIS will look at resourses, banking statements, earnings,savings of your sponsor first, then compare it to the cost of tuition, room and board.

    Next, they will look how long after obtaining current (i.e. B-1/B-2) status you request the change to F-1(or any other).
    If time span is less than 60 days, then they might see it as an intent to defraud CIS and thus deny your application.
    [With that denial you will have hard time to ever apply and get visa to US.]

    Third,it will somewhat depend on Adjudicating Officer too.
    If he/she spills coffee and burns his/her fingers before deciding your case, you are more likely to get denial(with all else remaining the same), than if it is someone who got roses or kiss from the loved one in the morning.

    So, in any case, how did you manage to change from J-1 to B-1/B-2?
    Isn't there a requirement to leave the country or get the waiver?
    Did you get such waiver?
    I am just curious.


    I think Old Time has advised you on other thread that if you apply for C/S in US you may not be ever to get new Visa from State Dep. again.
    Although he is right, but it is already not a matter of choice for you, since you DID already change your status from J-1 to B-1/B-2 in the past.

    Good luck.

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