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Thread: Immigration Law Question: I-601A Provisional Waiver For EWI'S In U.S.

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    Parents of US Citizen minor children (under 18 years of age), eligible to get their green cards through consular processing in their home country and are afraid of 10 year bar should be given the opportunity to apply for provisional waiver before they leave this country. I hope someone is pursuing this while this provision is still under consideration.

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    The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.

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    The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.

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    Is there anyway to find out if this provision would allow parents of minor US Citizans to get the waiver before they go for consular processing to home country??

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    It is sometimes very difficult to understand the Obama admin on some of its' policy making.
    It will irate one constituency without the benefit of relieving another.
    Which begs the question: if there is nothing to gain then why make people angry?

    This talk about I-601 waiver has anti-illegal pundits breathing fire, but in fact does nothing
    to immigrants it is supposed to benefit.

    To be exact:

    If you are EWI you can't file for AOS, you must go through your Consulate
    with Immigration petition.

    When processed,if found approvable for Immigrant Visa, you are then asked to file I-601.
    Then you wait for Consulate to approve or deny it.

    What the current proposal would do is have you file for I-601 HERE instead of your
    home-country, but you still have to go back home and have an Embassy process
    your visa application as well as merits of pre-approved I-601 waiver.

    In theory you save time that it takes Embassy to approve I-601.
    In practice you probably get close to nothing to few months of time
    cut short.

    Why irate so badly the "no amnesty at all costs" crowd for something as insignificant
    as this?
    [IMG:left][/IMG] [i]When Andre Breton discovered for himself my paintings, he was clearly shocked by excremental details polluting it. I was surprised.

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